Fashion Tips for the everyday woman

Hello fashion lovers,

It isn’t uncommon that every woman loves fashion. From time immemorial, women have always had a thing or two to do with fashion. Our mothers always believed dressing well or in a certain kind of way will get us the good things of life. Fashion plays an important role, whether it’s matching purses to shoes or trendy jewelry. Best believe, they’ll stop at nothing to look good to any event.

Fashion for the everyday woman boils down to the kind of influence they had as kids or teenagers. The everyday woman is someone with a lot on her plate and getting the right outfit can be quite a hassle. These few hand me down tips will come in handy:

When in doubt, black is a go to


We cannot overemphasize the importance of owning a black dress or black blazer. In a moment of confusion, black is a go to. As an everyday woman, wearing black is a safe choice.

Always own a pair of pumps


Pumps are great shoes to own. These shoes were made for walking. An easy fix for the office, church and any event. Black or Nude pumps are a go to.

Accessories are important


Accessories are an important part of dressing up. Accessories make or break an outfit. A trendy purse or lovely jewelry can make your outfit slay or a disaster.

A pop of color always works


As an everyday woman, who’s busy, adding a pop of color to your boring outfit will lift your slay. I have to admit it has worked for me so many times. A plain boring outfit will work well with a popped shoe or bag.

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