Top 7 Items You’ll Find in Nigerian Ladies Bags

Nigerian ladies are one of a kind, it will excite you to see what they keep in their bags. You just have to check out this list and confirm.

There’s no way you would see a Nigerian lady without a bag, it’s an essential part of females’ dressing. As big as the bag may be or fashionable as it is, these items would definitely be found in the bag.

Top 7 Items You’ll Find In Nigerian Ladies Bags
A Nigerian lady with her handbag is fully prepared.

In few cases you might find food items in the bags of Nigerian ladies as much as they are peng. There are some items that are mobile even more than Nigerian mobile police found in ladies bags.

Top 7 Items You’ll Find in Nigerian Ladies Bags

Top 7 Items You’ll Find In Nigerian Ladies Bags
Mirror is as useful as the air we breathe
Top 7 Items You’ll Find In Nigerian Ladies Bags
Lipstick is a powerful tool
Top 7 Items You’ll Find In Nigerian Ladies Bags
Keep this in your bag and your are safe

Nigerian ladies bags are made up of these items and their importance are also listed below:

  1. Mirror: Nigerian ladies want to stay on top of their game all day long. A small mirror in the bag is as useful as the air we breathe in. There’s much confidence after checking up on the mirror in the bag; it tells how they look even though they need to hear it from you.
  2. Slippers: This is very common among party gangs. You’ll see them in high-heel shoes but that would be substituted with a slipper kept in the Coco Channels or Fendi bag when they are uncomfortable. Slippers are very important in this movement.
  3. Body Spray: The one used at home might not be enough for the day so body sprays also report in the ladies’ bags. Currency notes might not have a place here as they are dislodged by roll-ons, and perfumes. It is certain you would see one type of body spray in that fashionable handbag.
  4. Lipstick: Red lipsticks are so adorable and men can’t stop staring at the lip that wears it all day. Nigerian ladies want to see you admiring them all day long and lipstick is available to do the magic. Accompanied by a small mirror, lipsticks are important everyday item in ladies’ bags.
  5. Powder: There’s a high probability of seeing powder rolling down from Nigerian ladies’ bag when you accidentally hit one in a bus stop. The makeups could wipe off in a sunny and stressful day but powders serve as a good alternative. Powders are really considered as a first aid kit in this assumed first aid box lol!
  6. Tissue Paper: A roll of tissue paper is very important in this movement. Not necessarily for the toilet but for the face and mouth. If men use handkerchiefs, then the soft version for the ladies is tissue paper. It is very important as it is found in almost every ladies bag.
  7. Shower cap: You need an escape root from a downpour so the shower cap serves as protection for the hair. This is always kept in the bag because you have to stay away from unnecessary hitting of the head and scratching of the hair scalp caused by water. This makes up the very important items you would see in Nigerian ladies’ bag.

If you find out that an important item you can’t leave out of your bag isn’t mentioned in this list then let know about it in the comment section. Thanks for reading this piece.

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