Fans Mock Manchester City Travel Outfit Calls them Copy Cats

Fans have been mocking Manchester City travel outfit ahead of the UEFA Champions League clash against Real Madrid. They said the Citizens are copying the outfit of the Spaniards and they think is not right. Manchester City are known for a particular style of outfit for their away games. But this time they decided to go away from the usual and it has been causing lots of mockery from football fans around the world.

Manchester City are not known for a specific kind of outfit but most times they wear their Citizen’s T-shirt with a jean trouser. Real Madrid on the hand which they say they are copying are known to wear suits when going for away games and Manchester City travel outfit is not even in line with Madrid’s outfit.

Fans Mock Manchester City Travel Outfit Calls Them Copy Cats 1
former Manchester City Travel Outfit

The Citizens were seen with jean top and black innerwear which they have not been wearing before. Either way the outfit does not really go in line with Real Madrid outfit the dust it is raising only came out before they went from the normal Manchester City outfit we are used to.    

Fans Mock Manchester City Travel Outfit Calls Them Copy Cats 2
Real Madrid Travel outfit

The game is schedule to be played today Wednesday in the Santiago Bemebeu which is the home Real Madrid. In a press conference ahead of the match Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has come out to clear the general public that the is between Manchester City and Real Madrid and not him and Guardiola.

The statement was necessary because people were asking if he feels threatened with coming of the City boss Guardiola. He further said he had met Gaurdiola before that time at Bayern Munich and he gave him lots of coaching advices which has really helped him he concluded.  

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