EURO2020 could be Postponed as Italian Government raise Complains of coronavirus

Euro2020 could be councelled as Italian Football Federation has called for conciliation of the Euro 2020 which was scheduled to hold this year 2020. This conciliation is for the well-being of everybody due to the rapid outbreak of coronavirus which is a global epidemic now. Italy which is the European country with the highest case of the virus is calling on the football governing body to postpone the European Championship (Euro2020).

Italy has already stopped its domestic league games and paused all sporting activities in their country because of the continues increase and spread of the coronavirus. Gravina said in a statement that they appeal to the body to look into the happenings in their country and shift the European Championship (Euro2020). He said:

Euro2020 Could Be Postponed As Italian Government Raise Complains Of Coronavirus

“We will propose that Uefa postpone the European Championship.” “We will try to get to the end of this championship (Serie A) because it is fairer and more correct after the many investments and sacrifices of our clubs.” He added.

UEFA has invited representatives of its different which comprise of 55 members, they will hold a meeting on Tuesday in relation to the matter. It will be a video conference meeting, and they will discuss about the EURO2020 tournament which comes up 12th June and will last till 12th of July at venues across Europe.

The boards of the European Club Association and the European Leagues, and a representative of world players’ union Fifpro have also been invited and discussions will cover all domestic and European competitions, including the possible postponement of Euro 2020 by one year.

Euro2020 Could Be Postponed As Italian Government Raise Complains Of Coronavirus
Euro2020 Could Be Postponed As Italian Government Raise Complains Of Coronavirus

The Italian Football Federation had previously said the Serie A season may not be completed and offered alternatives including play-offs, not having a champion for 2019-20 or declaring the current standings final. Gravina now hopes the league could finish by 30th of June, one month later than initial scheduled date but he agreed that it could be extended for another month and suggested players should not train at the moment.

“If the league were to resume at the beginning of May, I would leave the question of training for the moment,” he said. “Let’s leave the boys at home, they have to recover physical and mental energy.”

Recently Italy registered more cases new cases of the coronavirus, they reported 368 more coronavirus deaths, a new one-day record in the country. The disease which started in China has now affected Italy with almost the same margin. For now the Italian government are doing their best to ensure a immediate dismissal of the virus from the country.  

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