de Bruyne Still in Pains of Champions League Final

Manchester City midfielder, Kevin de Bruyne has opened up how he has been struggling to play since the Champions League final they lose to Chelsea. The Belgian international said he has been playing with pains since after the game, he suffered a fractured nose and eye socket after clashing with Antonio Rudiger in the Champions League final and since then he has been in pains.

Kevin de Bruyne Still Nursing Champions League Final Injury

In an interview, De Bruyne said that it has not been easy for him to play football after that incident. However, the former Chelsea man who has endured a frustrating campaign thus far said, “It’s a bit harder than usual this year,” he said. “It’s not too bad, I think, but it has been a bit difficult physically and mentally. I came back with a lot of pain after the holidays, and then at the start of the season, I had my face against the wall.”

De Bruyne Still In Pains Of Champions League Final

He also said: “I’ve had some serious pain, but it’s starting to get better. I just needed more time than expected. Kevin de Bruyne admitted he did not remember a lot of things including how he got into the hospital on the night.

“There are not a lot of memories after the incident. Is that dark? Maybe. I got back in the morning to the team hotel at 10 am still with my City kit on! The last six months have been up and down, playing but not really training. I was in quite some pain with my ankle so it was good that we took the time off. I feel much better and feel myself getting stronger.”

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