David de Gea Shows Fear Over Victor Lindelof’s Health

Following Manchester United’s victory over Norwich City which led to the injury of Lindelof, United keeper David de Gea has spoken of his fears after Victor Lindelof left the pitch with breathing difficulties.

David de Gea Shows Concern for Lindelof’s Health

The Spanish International said the incident brought back memories of Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest on the pitch during Euro 2020. He also spoke of the collapse of Barcelona forward Sergio Aguero in October.

David De Gea Shows Fear Over Victor Lindelof'S Health
David De Gea Shows Fear Over Victor Lindelof's Health

David De Gea said: “As soon as it was like difficult breathing and feeling strange, the game doesn’t matter.” He also said: “First of all is life. Football doesn’t matter.” The keeper was scared for his teammate as he said when saw the player feeling a bit, he was confused as to what happened.

According to reports Victor Lindelof is stable now but before now the player could not even remember anything that happened that was how bad it was.
The Sweden center-back Lindelof had to be replaced with 16 minutes left after he received treatment on the pitch for what appeared to be problems with his chest.

Speaking after the match, interim manager Ralf Rangnick said the 27-year-old had had tests and “seems OK”.

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