Coronavirus: Watford agrees to deferral payment due to COVID-19

Less than a week after Arsenal and their entire management team declared their intension to deferred their payment Watford have also declared their intensions to also defer their pay as well. They will will be the third team in the English Premier League to accept to defer their payment.

Earlier this month, Southampton and West Ham confirmed their players would defer part of their salaries because of the coronavirus pandemic. Arsenal players are set to take a 12.5% pay cut while Chelsea’s will reportedly agree to a 10% decrease in salary. In addition to the players, Watford’s senior management and executives are also expected to agree to deferrals.

Coronavirus: Watford Agrees To Deferral Payment Due To Covid-19 1

Watford management team are in talks with the players to see to this effect, they also will also discuss the last season’s unsettled bonues for the players. The team management has has not settled the players last season’s bonuses, with that issue not yet resolved to the players’ satisfaction.

Watford however are close to making the deal done with the players, they will discuss wages deal with the players as they are not intending to furlough staff. It comes after Premier League-wide talks aimed at a collective pay deal broke down without resolution.

The Premier League proposed a 30% pay cut, but the Professional Footballers’ Association said that would affect tax contributions to the NHS. Earlier this month, Premier League players launched the #PlayersTogether scheme to generate and distribute funds to the NHS and it has been going well so far as the players has been cooperating.

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