Lovely, Funny Pictures From BBNaija Reunion- Episode 1

BBNaija Reunion

The BBNaija Reunion show for the 2019 Pepper Dem housemate started yesterday and it was on an electrifying note. The flashbacks were interesting and worth the time.

Sharing some pictures from those moments with you, surely will add spice to your day.

Bbnaija 2019 Housemates
BBNaija 2019 Housemates

That was the picture of all the housemates that were able to make it to the show physically yesterday. Out of the 26 housemates, only ten were able to make it to the show in person.

Remember that the government has placed a ban on social gathering with more than 20 persons and that might be what played out here.

As you can also see, they are all on face masks, and that is not longer a strange thing to have on during this pandemic. You will also notice the spacing in the sitting arrangement, nobody has body odour in that gathering, it is simply called social distancing.

Bbnaija 2019 Housemates Joined Online
BBNaija 2019 Housemates joined Online

Those are the faces of some of the housemates who were not able to make it to the studio for the first day of the show. They however could not afford to miss the show, so they attended online.

You would expect that the housemates will show up with a lot of dressing competition at the back of their minds, so how do those who are online satisfy their fashion display business?

The Queens Of Drama
The Queens of Drama

Yes, I know you can see four persons in that picture, but let us talk about the ladies in front, Mercy and Tacha.

These two are the queens of drama of the 2019 BBNaija show. Since they got to the BBNaija house it has been drama all the way and seeing them sitting close to each other on the BBNaija Reunion show is breathe taking.

One would wonder if the current flowing on that side of the studio will not burn the whole place. Since this is the first episode of the BBNaija Reunion show, let us wait and see how well this sitting arrangement would play out.

Lovely, Funny Pictures From Bbnaija Reunion- Episode 1 1

You would agree with me that organisers of the BBNaija show were looking for trouble when the housemates were asked to say how they feel about each other without saying a word, but with only facial expression.

So that was what our babe said she feels about kim Oprah, and what does that even mean?


For Venita, this is her own feeling about Tacha. Thank God she was not asked to say this in words, she might have been arrested for slander. Venita we do not want to hear what you have to say about Queen Tacha, you have said enough already.


You can imagine what Omashola was telling Biggie. This picture came during a flashback on the show and it was when he said he was unjustly disqualified from a task.

He was unhappy and angry about it, but the question is was Biggie wrong?


Please what is wrong with Frodd? Was the Pepper too much?

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