Champions League Final: Jermaine Jenas, Sutton Fears for Chelsea

Ex-England international Jermaine Jenas has sent a message to Chelsea ahead of their Uefa Champions League final which will be played later today saying Chelsea will be face a “completely different beast” today. Jermaine Jenas said this in response to loss in the F.A Cup semi-final against Chelsea.

Pep Guardiola side were beaten twice by Chelsea in the past few weeks, they beat them in the FA Cup and also in the league in the past six weeks. The two clubs will be playing the Uefa Champions League in Porto, Portugal on Saturday for the title of champions of Europe.

Jermaine Jenas and Chris Sutton Express Fear for Chelsea

According to Jenas, he said: “I don’t think Chelsea can take much from those games.” The former Tottenham and England midfielder Jenas said the earlier defeats would not be weighing heavily on Manchester City’s minds. He botressed his point by saying: “In the semi-final, City had Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling and Ferran Torres up top,” “All three didn’t get a kick. They were terrible really.

Champions League Final: Jermaine Jenas, Sutton Fears For Chelsea
Chris Sutton

“It was such a different make-up compared to what Chelsea are going to come up against on Saturday.” “This City team is a juggernaut. This is a completely different beast Chelsea are coming up against.” Also, former Chelsea forward Chris Sutton said he fears for his old club.

Sutton said: “Whether the last two Chelsea victories will have any psychological impact on City, I don’t see it that way.” “City played their ‘B’ team – not their strongest team in those games.” Adding to what Jermaine Jenas said earlier Sutton said City have had a brilliant Premier League season and they finished well. He ended his statement by saying: “But if City put out their strongest team I think Chelsea are in big trouble.”

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