Breaking News: John Obi Mikel Terminates 4 years contract with Trabzonspor because of Coronavirus

John Obi Mikel has terminated his contract with Turkish side Trabzonspor after a closed-door meeting was held and they came to a mutual agreement to end the contract. This was as a result of the spread and shutdown of sporting activities across Europe. Almost all the top league sides in the suspended their league because of the rapid spread of coronavirus in their various countries.

John Obi Mikel who joined the Turkish club side on a free transfer as a free agent from English Championship side Middleburg. Trabzonspor are on topping their league and are on the verge of lifting their league trophy.

Breaking News: John Obi Mikel Terminates 4 Years Contract With Trabzonspor Because Of Coronavirus
John Obi Mikel in action for Trabzonspor

Mikel has been an integral part of the club since his signing and he has been massively involved in their winnings. The defensive midfielder was asked to come into a game as substitute and he refused, he however gave reasons as to why he refused to play.

According to the former Nigerian captain he said: “There is more to life than football. I do not feel comfortable and don’t want to play football in this situation.” By the situation, he was referring to the rise of the cases of coronavirus in sports and the world generally.  

Last weekend, the former Chelsea midfielder criticized the Turkish football authorities, for not suspending the Super Lig season with current spread of the coronavirus across Europe. His manager, Huseyin Cimsir, however respects his decision and says he understands the player completely.

Falcao and Drogba supports John Obi Mikel

His former teammate Didier Drogba also agreed with him saying “words of wisdom” also Columbia former skipper Redmal Falcao also admitted as he said “yes bro there is more to life than football” the Nigeria is right and he supports his motion, he said this on his Instagram handle.

Breaking News: John Obi Mikel Terminates 4 Years Contract With Trabzonspor Because Of Coronavirus
John Obi Mikel’s instagram post

Trabzonspor started in their club’s official website saying: “The professional football player’s agreement between our company and John Obi Mikel on 30.06.2019 start date 31.05.2021 has been mutually terminated.” “With a mutual termination agreement, the football player gave up all his forward-looking receivables,” the statement read.

The defensive midfielder was not featured in their 1-1 draw with Istanbul Basaksehir at the Medical Park Stadyumu (Trabzon) on Sunday. The club however reported that Mikel Obi did not feature, because he refused to enter the pitch.

Before the game, the former Super Eagles captain, had earlier expressed his concern over the match being allowed to go on, even with spread of coronavirus. The Nigerian is now on without a club and hopes to find one when the whole coronavirus epidemic is resolved.

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