The Atonement Child is a Christian fiction book written by American author Francine Rivers. The author has several other top-selling Christian novels such as Redeeming Love, The Last Sin Eater, The Scarlet Thread and so on. The Atonement Child was published by Tyndale House Publishers on 14 September 1997. The Christian novel has 375 pages which deal with the themes of unwanted pregnancy and abortion.


The main character in this book is Dynah Carey, a young Christian college girl whose perfect life was irrevocably changed by a rape that results in an unwanted pregnancy.


Dynah Carey was engaged to a wonderful man, she’s the daughter of a doting faithful child of God, and she surely has it all. The unthinkable happens when, at Bible College, she was raped and this shatters her life. The resulting pregnancy and reactions from her family and friends may, in turn, shelter her faith. As her pro-life fiancé suddenly finds abortion acceptable, and her pro-life school informs her that she will be expelled unless her pregnancy disappears, she was forced to wonder about their views of the world, what God has said in the Bible, and of her own unsteady pro-life views.

Dynah’s family is torn apart as her seemingly rock-solid faith is pushed to the limits when she faces the momentous choice of her life. Her mother admits to an abortion before she was conceived which made her incapable of having children for several years. She also learns that her grandmother was forced to have an abortion for health reasons. Dynah Casey is eventually driven to isolate herself so that she can make the decision on her own. As her mother’s ‘’Atonement Child’’, she must decide whether or not to have her own ‘’Atonement Child’’.

The Atonement Child is written with balance and compassion and also brings a new perspective to one of the most controversial issues in the society.

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