Bole (Plantain) And Sea Food Stew Recipe

Chef Alvin Takon was our entrepreneur of the week and when asked for his signature meal, he shared the meal and its recipe. We can’t wait to try it this weekend!

Ingredients Needed:

1.Ripe or unripe plantain

2.For the stew :

Tomato paste
Fresh tomatoes 
Fresh pepper 
A clove of garlic 
A teaspoon of ginger 
Palm oil 
Smoked fish 
Dry fish
Stockfish flakes 


Peel and wash your desired plantain

Make small insertions on the plantain 

In a small plate mix a bit of dry red pepper & maggi with a bit of oil and brush over the plantain ( the mixture depends on the quantity of plantain your working with) 

On an open grill or in an oven, grill the plantain for about 15-20 minutes both ways until it’s cooked properly

Blend your tomatoes and pepper 

boil to remove excess water

Fry your tomato paste without onion for about 10/15 minutes

(Constantly stirring with a wooden spoon to void burning )

Add your boil tomatoes and pepper mix and allow boil until the oil resides on top of the mix

At this point reduce the heat 

Wash the snail properly  add seasoning cubes and oil

Debone smoked fish and wash properly 

Wash and boil stockfish flasks

Wash and steam the well seasoned cat fish

Wash the prawns properly and boil 

Back to the stew , Still on low heatAdd the clover of crushed garlic and ginger

Add your seasoning cubes 

The add stock fish

Smoked fish 



Allow to shimmer for a bit 

Add your finely diced onion ( this is to give the meal a fresher taste)

Taste as you go add more seasoning cubes when needed 

Then lastly add the cat fish 

Meal is ready to be served !

*No need to add water*