How to Make Your iPhone Speak When Plugged to Charger

This hidden feature is one I find particularly interesting because it is just downright funny, and the list of things you can get your phone to say are just endless. Anything ranging from the most moderate ‘I am charging, to the more complicated full statements. Your iPhone can say it all when you give the command.

Note that the scripting feature for iPhone gives your apple device a whole lot of possibilities to handle more than just the basic. It is with the aid of the scripting feature that a lot of these commands can be made on your phone.

STEPS: The steps taken are;

1. Open the ‘SHORTCUT’ app

2. Select ‘AUTOMATION’ at the middle bottom of the screen to use the automation features and then select + (plus) at the top right to create a new automation.

3. Click on ‘CREATE PERSONAL AUTOMATION’ to create a new personal automation

4. Select ‘CHARGER’ and choose the ‘Is Connected’ option and click on ‘NEXT’

5. Click on ‘ADD ACTION’ and click on search

6. Search and select ‘SPEAK TEXT’ and then add the text you would want to play whenever your phone is connected to the charger.

7. Uncheck the ‘Ask before running’ so it is toggled off in order for the command to run automatically on its own.

That is basically it. Now, whenever you plug your charger, whatever text you put there would be spoken out automatically.

To watch a video on how to do this, click here

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