How to Use Pictures as App Icons on iOS 14

A new exciting feature of the iOS 14 is the ability to customize your apps to have whatever image you want as an icon, giving an aesthetic feel suitable for the user. This has not been seen in any apple product or software update and it was relatively not thought of among apple fanatics.

This new feature of the iOS 14 would enable you to redesign your iPhone screen with a completely new look and you can also decide to change it up at any time you feel like or completely disable it.

STEPS: There are a couple of steps to be taken to achieve this and it all starts from the shortcut app;

1. Go to the ‘SHORTCUT’ app on your iPhone

2. Click on the ‘plus (+)’ sign at the top right of the screen to add a new shortcut for each app you want to add

3. Click on ‘ADD ACTION’

4. Select the ‘SCRIPTING’ option on the list

5. Click on ‘OPEN APP’

6. Click on ‘CHOOSE’ and select the app you want to switch to a photo icon

7. Click on the three dots icon (…) at the top-right of the screen

8. Set the shortcut name for Siri (if you want to have a specific name)


10. Choose the name you want to be displayed as the app

11. Click on the icon and choose a photo you want to be shown as the app

12. Click ‘ADD’ by the top-right to add the shortcut to your home screen.

Now its done and when you go to your home screen, you’ll be able to see all you have set up as an icon. Whenever you want to go to the app, all you have to do is click on it and it takes you there automatically. The only thing you would notice is a slight and very instant delay in sending you to the shortcut app first and then back to the app, this is done because the command was set as a shortcut and the program you have set up needs to run.

watch the video here.

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