Black Live Matters Protest gets More Voice

Rabbi Matondo Joins the Black Live Matters Protest

The black live matters protest is rapidly getting more voice more and more players are black sports people have the join protest, Manchester City star Reheem Sterling along side Jadon Sancho recently came out to say speak their mind on the matter. This is as a result of the murder of a black American George Flyde by a police officer in America.

Schalke and Wales winger Rabbi Matondo has also joined the black live matters protest as he said: he is “proud” of how young players have used their profiles to take a stand against racism. England and Aston Villa’s 27-year-old player Tyrone Mings also joined in the black live matters protest in Birmingham.

19-year-old Rabbi Matondo who recently joined the Black live matters protests said: “I feel proud that people are standing up for their rights, “It’s obviously tough times for a lot of people and I’m glad that a lot of players have addressed it and shown how they feel about it.” “This is the perfect time to address things now, and with our profiles we can do that in a positive way.”

Players in the Bundesliga Germany’s top flight were the first footballers to make their feelings known after Floyd’s death, which sparked global protests. Jadon Sancho and Dortmund team-mate Achraf Hakimi wore “Justice for George Floyd” T-shirts, while Schalke’s American captain Weston McKennie wore a similar armband.

Marcus Thuram of Borussia Monchengladbach kneeled in tribute to Floyd after scoring, replicating the actions of NFL star Colin Kaepernick, who has protested about oppression towards black people in the United States. Since then, Premier League teams, such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, have taken a knee in training. Schalke were among Bundesliga sides to repeat that gesture before Sunday’s game against Union Berlin.

Rabbi Matondo also said: “What Weston McKennie, Sancho and Marcus Thuram did, plus other players in the Bundesliga, was perfect,” “It’s a good thing to show that black lives do matter. Of course every life matters, but in the situation, we’re in, black lives matter now. So we have to show that in every aspect we can in football.”

Rabbi Matondo who is link to Manchester United said: “I’m not a guy to make a big deal about it, even if it is a big deal. Sometimes I feel like that’s just the way people are; that’s the way they have been brought up.” “I feel like I would go about it differently than I would have when I was younger.”

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