9 Best Part Time Jobs In Nigeria. Weekend Jobs

Do you want a part time job? There are many reasons to look for a part time job/weekend job, either instead of or to make more cash.

For example, some individuals need to add another revenue stream from their Monday through Friday position. Others have children with a partner who is available on the weekend to care for the kids, giving them availability to work. Students with heavy lecture schedules during the week may choose to work weekend hours to pay for expenses. Still, other workers prefer to schedule their working hours on the weekend, freeing up weekdays for other activities.

Some weekend jobs are available because you can own your schedule. For others, there is a growing demand for employees who are available to work a weekend schedule. The growing importance of the freelance “gig” economy and remote/work-from-home options offer a broad range of opportunities to concentrate work at the weekend voluntarily.

These opportunities are available at a different level of skill and education levels. Other major areas of opportunity include industries like hospitality(hotels), retail, travel, and real estate that experience peak demand most especially at weekend.

Good Weekend Jobs to Earn Extra Income

Here’s a look at some of the best part time jobs/weekend jobs for people who want to work weekends, including a job description and earnings potential.

1. Driver


Driving for Uber or Bolt enables you to work whenever you want, especially as a weekend job. Weekends are that time when Nigerian customers want rides to entertainment and celebrating venues like restaurants, bars,Cinemas, and malls. As a driver, you can work for multiple share-riding services like Bolt, Opay, Uber to grow your revenue.

Ride-share drivers need to own a driving licence and a good vehicle in good working condition. Per The Street, drivers earn between 3,000 Naira and 4,000 an hour.

2. Retail Malls

Picture Of An African American In A Retail Mall

Retail Stores/ plazas in many states in Nigeria experience peak influx of shoppers on the weekend when they allocate more workers extensively. Retail sales clerks (and other personnel who stock and organize goods) need a very strong customer service skills and attention to detail to process transactions accurately. Retail positions require staff to spend long hours on their feet.

According to the Bureau of Statistics  retail sales workers earned median pay of 4,00 an hour in May 2018, when the NBS estimated that there were 4,768,900 retail sales jobs.

These jobs are particularly plentiful during the holidays.

3. Wedding Photographer/Videographer

9 Best Part Time Jobs In Nigeria. Weekend Jobs

Weddings in Nigeria are mostly scheduled on weekends, so this job can be perfect for photograpers and videography enthusiasts. You may need to meet with prospective celebrants during the week, but most of the work, including building a website with portfolio samples and editing photos and videos, can be done on the weekend.

Wedding photographers and videographers can earn big bucks, with an average charge of 30000 Naira, according to  Nigerianweddingblog

Most Nigerian weddings are held Nigerianweddingblog

4. Wedding Musician or DJ

9 Best Part Time Jobs In Nigeria. Weekend Jobs

Weddings as we know are typically weekend occasion, and some bands can also schedule much of their practice time on the weekend. You might need to schedule some time to meet with prospective clients during the week, but most of the work can take place on the weekend. The average wedding band charges 50000 Naira, according to Nigerian wedding blog.

5. Bartender


Bars experience high traffic levels on weekends. Viewing centers are very busy around weekend sporting events like Soccer. Also, Wedding and literary venues will also provide weekend-based opportunities. The NBS reports that there were over 800,000 bartender jobs in the Nigerian. economy during 2018.

Bartenders obviously should know need to know how to mix drinks, be lively, good listening ability and excellent customer service skills. They earn most of their income from customer tips, so there is a wide range of potential compensation based on customer traffic. In Abuja successful bartenders can earn upwards of 10000 a night.

6. Weekend Nurses

Weekend Nurses

There is a high demand for nurses, particularly per diem nurses, to assist regular staff and to work weekends. Registered nurses follow treatment plans, administer medications, treat wounds, and monitor patients’ health status left by resident doctors.

The NBS reports that there were 3,059,800 nursing jobs in 2018, with a median annual salary of 800,000, as of May 2018. The NBS has projected registered nurse jobs to much grow faster than average through 2028.

7. Freelance Writer/Editor

9 Best Part Time Jobs In Nigeria. Weekend Jobs

Freelance writers and editors create content for blogs, websites, social media accounts and compose written materials such as content marketing, business proposals, and feature articles. Editors proofread writing, correct grammar, and modify writing to enhance readability. Much of this work could be done on weekends around a worker’s or student’s weekday commitments.

Freelance writers and editors generally earn 10000 to 30000 Naira per hour, depending on the type of work being completed.

8. Web Designer

 Web Designers Design The Needs Of Any Business, Individuals, Religious Institute To Represent Their Services Through The Internet.

Web designers design the needs of any business, individuals, religious institute to represent their services through the internet. They create web pages using coding and formatting tools. Web designers incorporate content, graphics, and video into websites. They must have a strong knowledge of desktop web authoring tools, as well as writing and graphic design skills. Some freelance designers partner with writers and graphic designers to complete projects.

Much of this development work can be conducted on the weekend, with the possible exception of some communication with prospective and ongoing clients.

According to, web designers earn an average of 9000 to 12000 per hour.

9. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers
Graphic designers

Graphic designers create visual aspects of web pages, brochures, logos, packaging, advertisements, reports, and presentations. They translate the ideas of clients into viable designs. Graphic designers must possess creative abilities, aesthetic sensibility, and have expertise working with desktop design programs. Web development and writing skills are helpful if the designer is working without partners.

Freelance designers carry out much of the design work completed in Nigeria., especially projects for individuals and small businesses. Designers can work from home and carry out most aspects of projects on the weekend.

Reports that graphic designers earned a median hourly wage of 9000 Naira.

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