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A Business Development Officer is part of a team in the business development department in a corporation. Officers are in charge of driving business through guiding Business Development Representatives as well as producing their own business. They are also tasked with designing strategies for junior developers to implement. Advancement from Business Developer or Business Development Representative is a typical for this position.

A Business Development Officer will usually have a degree from an accredited college in business or a related field. Most universities and colleges have well-defined business programs. Advanced education in business is preferred for positions with more seniority. The job relies heavily on the ability to communicate over the phone and in person. Having strong communication, solid interpersonal skills and a willingness to travel is a must in this field.

Responsibilities for Business Development Officer

  • Analyse sales reports, and provide strategies to Trim overhead and increase profit
  • Identify new market opportunities via market research and initiate contact
  • Create proposals for existing clients to improve their business utilising company services
  • Provide coaching and training to subordinate Business Developers
  • Generate sales presentations as well as assist junior developers with theirs
  • Maintain positive growth in your market area
  • Respond to all issues with prompt attention
  • Travel to destinations to best facilitate transactions or training

Qualifications for Business Development Officer

  • 5+ years experience working in a development role
  • 2+ years in a leadership role
  • A valid passport
  • Capability of prioritizing and delegating responsibilities
  • An understanding of how to interpret P&L, Earnings, and Inventory reports
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to travel in order to see clients, explore new markets and attend conventions
  • Excellent eye for detail
  • A familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite


Business development managers will need to possess the following skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good business knowledge
  • Negotiation skills
  • Tact and diplomacy
  • Creativity
  • A good grasp of numbers and the ability to write documents in a professional style
  • Organisational skills
  • A hunger to stay up to date with economic matters
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • The ability to keep objectives and goals firmly in sight
  • The ability to remain flexible and seek alternative options to problems
  • Problem solving skills


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No official experience is required prior to making an application to become a business development manager. However, any previous experience in a managerial position will look good on a CV, as will general experience in sales, marketing, or accounting. General knowledge of how a large business is run will help you in your position and work experience in one of numerous departments within an organisation is a good idea for those interested in becoming a business development manager.


Business development officers work in an office environment, so working conditions are generally comfortable. However, business development managers will frequently visit other offices and working environments in order to hold meetings and conduct research. Furthermore, overseas travel is common in this position, since business development managers often need to test the waters in foreign markets.

The job can be stressful, since the position is a senior one within any company or organisation. Individuals will often have to work to tight deadlines and will be held responsible for a company’s failure to grow successfully or quickly. However, it is also an interesting job and most individuals find it very rewarding and stimulating. Many business development managers work to a 9 to 5 timetable but overtime and weekend work may be necessary at busy times.


Any organisation or company can choose to employ a business development manager. These may include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Consultancy companies
  • Software companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Infrastructure companies

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