BBNaija season 7: Doyin and Ceph Makes Head Way

Doyin and Ceph ship in the ongoing BBNaija season 7 show seems to be the most romantic one even though they are in different houses. Remember the two housemates who were the first housemates to give us the very first passionate kiss in the house?

BBNaija season 7: Doyin and Ceph Ship Looking Possible

The kiss happened during their Saturday night party, Doyin has been without a guy in the level 1 house and Ceph also has been without a ship in the level 2 house people have been asking if they are running a long-distance relationship.

The way they hugged each other when they saw each other again was like couples that have missed each other for years. Earlier today Doyin stood up for Eloswag when Chmzy and Bella came against alongside Sheggz.

Bbnaija Season 7: Doyin And Ceph Makes Head Way
BBNaija season 7: Doyin and Ceph Makes Head Way

Sheggz was Eloswag does not have the right to be angry as he is a man but Doyin was asking him if the girls are Chomzy and Bella have the right to be angry why can’t Eloswag get angry but he said that is the rule and she was like who made the rule?

After standing up for Eloswag many people fell in love with her and hope the Doyin and Ceph ships sail well. The only trouble now is the fact that Ceph is up for eviction. He was nominated by the Head of the House Hermes after he and Dotun competed in the last round of the Head of the House challenge.

He is not the only one up for eviction as four of his fellow level 2 housemates were nominated alongside him, Khalid, Phyna, Amaka, and Christy O are the other housemates who were nominated

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