BBNaija Season 7: Sheggz Mad at Eloswag for Fighting Bella

Eloswag and Bella in Level 1 house in the ongoing BBNaija Season 7 show launched a fight with the whole housemates standing for Eloswag except for Sheggz who is madly in love with Bella. The whole housemate was together and they were talking about the kiss between Eloswag and Level 2 housemate Phyna during their Saturday night party.

BBNaija Season 7: Bella and Eloswag Fight- Sheggz Supports Bella

Eloswag was sleeping at the time, he only woke up to hear them talking about it and he said they should stop it. The former head of the house made it clear that he does not like the fact that they keep talking about the kiss even though he has told them that it was just a one-off thing.

Bbnaija Season 7: Sheggz Mad At Eloswag For Fighting Bella

Bella kept talking about it and it did not land well with him as he then told them to stop then she said if she doses not stop will he come and beat her? Eloswag then said she should come closer and say it, every other housemate was asking Bella to sport and calm Eloswag down except for Sheggz who came and told him why will he ask her to come closer.

Sheggz further said he should stop talking to her like that forgetting that it is his girlfriend who instigated the whole trouble. Doyin a fellow Level 1 housemate got angry with the Sheggz was judging the whole issue and said it is wrong for him to talk to Eloswag like that. She said if she said any to him angry he would get angry so why is he angry that Eloswag will be mad at the way Bella was talking?

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