BBNaija Lockdown: Full Details of Wathoni’s Interview After Eviction

Wathoni is the eighth housemate to be evicted from the BBNaija 2020 lockdown season 5 house and she has opened up on some of her feelings, personal opinions, and judgments on the happening she was part of and those she observed while on the show.

The show host, Ebuka-Obi Uchendu had a one- on- one with her, and a lot of things were talked about, we bring you all the details about her interview after the eviction.

The first question she was asked was about how she feels about her eviction. According to her, the eviction brought a breath of fresh air. She said, “Some of the housemates made me sick.”

She said there was a struggle to communicate and mingle in the house. “You can hardly have a conversation with those who are booed up, it ends up being like a triangle.”

Talking about being booed up in the house, Wathoni at the tail end of her stay in the BBNaija 2020 house got herself a man. She and Brighto coupled up and they got evicted the same day. So Ebuka asked her what she finally saw in Brighto.

Wathoni and Brighto

Wathoni, the single mother of one opened up about her feelings for Brighto. So she said “Brighto is funny he makes me happy, he listens to me a lot and I feel like he likes him and likes him too. I don’t know if he likes me the way I like him too. And that was enough for me.”

A lot of things happened between Wathoni and Brighto, they were seen playing and laughing together. They also slept together in Brighto’s bed, and he also chose Wathoni over Dorathy. He broke the triangle that was building up with him, Dorathy, and Wathoni.

Wathoni and Men Struggle

Ebuka also chose to ask how her journey into finally picking a man in the house went. He thinks she went from one man to the other, trying to check if she would find a place of rest in the bosom of a male housemate.
She was seen with guys like Kiddwaya, Trikytee, Prince, Eric, and finally Brighto. Her responses were explanatory and detailed, she went from one of the guys to the other.

For Kiddwaya she said, “There was never anything with Kiddwaya, he is a guy that I vibed with from the first day. I just wanted that friendship with him, but I had to stay back because of Erica.

Eric’s case was a bit different. “I started liking him a little, I like it with when a guy makes you feel like you are everything and it felt like that was what he was doing. The way he would steer at me, the way he would pump me up.”

You would remember that Lilo was Eric’s girlfriend and the two of them kept close marled themselves all through their stay in the house. But when Lilo got evicted, Eric started getting close to Wathoni, but that intimacy was not mature enough to form anything serious before he got evicted. So there was nothing serious the could be recorded between the two of them.

She then moved to explain what happened between her and Prince. “Prince is my spec and I have always said it. So yeah I liked him and feeling were starting to grow but I have to cut it off because of Tolanibaj and because of Nengi

We all knew that there was a full square for Prince, Wathoni, Nengi, and Tolanibaj. It dragged for a while nut the started getting slimmer when Nengi pitched her tent with Ozo in a way and Prince went for Tolanibaj, so there was no way Wathoni would have been an option anymore.

Trikytee was also a man who could be identified with Wathoni, but before you think too far about these two, herewith she has to say, “There was never anything, but he said if he didn’t have a girlfriend he would date me, but there was never anything.”

Did you hear that? Trikytee has a girlfriend and there was nothing between him and Wathoni. They are just friends, so drop it.

Wathoni and Nengi’s Relationship

Nengi was the first Head of House in the BBNaija lockdown house and when she was given the chance to pick a deputy, to everyone’s surprise, she chose Wathoni. That signaled a friendship, but our debts were cellared with the way the friendship collapsed right before us.

Wathoni does not have a good story to say about her friendship with Nengi. “The biggest mistake I made was telling her the guys I liked in the house and the truth and dare I asked her to pick between Kidd and Prince. I should have kissed the guy I wanted to kiss. And I noticed she also liked the two guys and when she was on to Prince she started avoiding me. And then all day she would just pass me by, I knew from the onset that her picking me as deputy there was something, she has always been very calculative.”

Who would have thought that Nengi and Wathoni’s relationship would have gone down the drain that fast? They told us that they knew themselves right before coming into the house and now getting to know that men issue was responsible for cutting their friendship ties is heartbreaking.

Wathoni and Erica

We have finally gotten to know what also caused a steer between the two. They issues they had in the BBNaija house were unresolved till she got evicted from the house and relating to this one is not hard to know when compared to what happened between her and Nengi.

According to her, the game played in the house was the genesis of their problems. When she was asked what started their issues she said “The truth or dare, because when they asked Kidd who he was going to date and he picked Erica, she said why did it take you this long. So it was like why would he have to kiss me and he would come and do stuff with her. I always felt like I was an issue one way or the other.”

After that night, Erica and Kiddwaya became an item. Now when ships are ben counted in the house, their names would pop up. However, she has one thing or the other to say bout the ingenuity of their relationship.

Erica truly loves Kiddwaya, but Kiddwaya is just there to have his fun. Because he has told me some certain things that he will still tell her and am like he should tell her things that would make her feel special. If you are telling her things and you are telling other people, then there is nothing.

Wathoni also thinks Lucy is not giving content and she is surprised she is still in the house. Are you?

Wathoni and Brighto

After Wathoni was evicted, one of the questions we were waiting for Ebuka to ask her was about her relationship with Brighto. He did ask, but we did not get enough from her that night. Now he has asked her more about it.

Ebuka asked if she was going to look out for more from that ship, I hope you are happy with what she said. “Honestly I don’t want to pursue it, because in the house I feel like I was the one really… According to Tolanibaj i was trying to mark my territory and I don’t know if it was the same for him and its hard to read him.

She said she is not sure she would be open even if he tries to pursue it. Do you have an advice for Wathoni about her relationship with Brighto?


Though she said she is not sure she wants more from her relationship with Brighto, we can not forget that she did not get him on a platter of gold. There was a struggle with Dorathy before she got him, and in case she has forgotten about what she did to him during that time you are wrong!

Dorathy played me, she knows it and he knows it too. That night was cold, I even wore my betway jacket. For me, it has always been being cuddled up and staying warm. The nights were always cold. But she played me because she did stuffs that night.”

Moving Forward

The sorties of the BBNaija house are for the house, so her plans after the house seem to be more important. According to her, she will continue with Wathoni’s fashion and also have a baby talk show. On the show, she intends to talk about pregnancy, the journey through pregnancy, giving birth, how grandparents are key in a baby’s life, IVF, sex after pregnancy and she have a book already written that she would like to publish.

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