Barcelona to Sue One of Their Ex-player

Spanish La liga giants Barcelona is set to sue their former star Neymar Jnr. Barca plans on seeing him receiving overpayment. During Neymar’s first two years at the Nou Camp he was overpaid. They are looking to sue him to a tune of £9million. There is is an issue of tax miscalculation on the player’s head.

Neymar is currently at French Ligue 1 side PSG following his £198m transfer deal in 2017. He has been engulfed in legal battles with Barcelona in the past, he claim Barca owes him a total of £38m (€43m) in unpaid bonuses. 

The 28-year-old was forced to pay the club £5.9m (€6.7m) after losing the case in court. Barca are now making an to reclaim some money from him. They are seeking to address the tax error, as detailed in El Mundo. 

Barcelona discovered that they paid Neymar excessively after concluding 2015 tax inspection covering. However, the Spanish Tax Agency has notified Barca that if the situation is not solved, the £9m (€10.2m) would be seen as a ‘donation’ from the club to Neymar.  

It was revealed earlier this year that Neymar owes £30.7m (€34.6m) to the Spanish state in unpaid taxes and debt accumulation. As of the end of 2019, he owes the grand sum to the Spanish Treasury.

But the new case marks the latest dispute between Barcelona and Neymar after his four years at the club. Neymar who is set to sign a new deal with PSG could now face a huge problem.

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