Barcelona Board Takes New Action Against Dembele

Barcelona Have decided that they will no longer offer Ousmane Dembele a proper contract again. The Spanish club has decided that the contract now will be that he will be paid based on how many games play. This is because of the consistent injury issues the player suffers.

Barcelona to Pay Dembele Per Game Played

The club is currently facing a three to four weeks injury after returning from three months. The club said that they would not be as generous as before again, and so, they will only pay him if he plays but will reduce his pay if he does not feature. Mateu Alemany, Barcelona’s CEO, has come up with a compromise.

Barcelona Board Takes New Action Against Dembele
Barcelona Board Takes New Action Against Dembele

The club will pay him when he reaches a set number of matches played, meaning that the more he plays, the more he gets. Of course, if he does not play, then he will not get as much money.

The LaLiga have not been able to use Dembele as much as they wanted to since he arrived there club from Borussia Dortmund due to long-term injuries. The player’s contract with Barcelona is almost up, and with the way things are is most likely the club will not renew his contract because of the injury issues.

It was not discussed on the exact number of games required to make the clause, but it was said to be much lower than 30 or 40 games. It would be expected that he would hit the number many times during a single season. If he were to play a lot, he would not earn less than previously he had.

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