Barack Obama Meets with Marcus Rashford

Hours after Manchester United lost the Europa League final to Villarreal, which led to the multiple racial slurs targeted at United and England forward Marcus Rashford, the former president of America, has met with the player. Barack Obama spoke to the English player on how young people can impact society.

Marcus Rashford led a campaign to tackle child food poverty last year during the coronavirus pandemic and was appointed an MBE. The 23-years-old also set up a book club to get disadvantaged children reading more. The former president of America, Barack Obama, was very pleased with his works and said: “A lot of the young people I meet, including Marcus – they’re ahead of where I was when I was 23.”

Barack Obama and Marcus Rashford Discussed on How Young People can Impact their Society

Barack Obama Meets With Marcus Rashford
Barack Obama Meets With Marcus Rashford

He also said: “They’re already making changes and being positive forces in their communities.” The 59-years-old and Rashford spoke over a video conference and discussed their shared experiences, including being raised by single mothers.

Marcus Rashford said it was “quite surreal” to speak to the 44th US President while sitting in his kitchen. He said the president made him very comfortable and made him feel at ease. He said: “It wasn’t long before I realised just how aligned our experiences as children were in shaping the men you see today adversity, obstacles and all.”

He also spoke of how he loves to listen to the president he said when the president speaks all everyone wants to do is just listen.

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