AS Roma Players agrees to forgo 4months Salary

AS Roma of Italy has agreed to forgo their four months salaries because of the coronavirus pandemic, this news was made known by the chief executive of the club. The chief executive Mr. Guido Fienga praised his players’ saying he appreciated their “superb gesture” after they volunteered to forgo four months’ salary to help the club during the coronavirus pandemic.

The players, manager Paulo Fonseca and his staff will also pay the difference to ensure all club staff placed on furlough receive their full salary. The movement was led by AS Roma captain Edin Dzeko, both him and Fienga approached Roma’s hierarchy and said: “We always talk about unity at Roma.”

As Roma Players Agrees To Forgo 4Months Salary 1
Guido Fienga

“In volunteering to cut their salaries for the rest of the season, the players, the coach and his staff, have all proved that we really are in this together. “Edin Dzeko, all the players and Paulo have demonstrated they understand what this club stands for and we also thank them all for their superb gesture towards the employees at this club.”

As Roma Players Agrees To Forgo 4Months Salary 2

AS Roma has not played since 1st of March which was days even before the Serie A season was postponed. In a letter to Fienga, the players said: “We players are ready to start playing as soon as possible, giving the maximum to achieve our goals, but we also realise that all this will not be enough to face the economic consequences of the current emergency.”

“With the hope of doing something that will help the company to better restart the Roma project that we all share, we offer this financial proposal.” Italy currently has the highest death toll from coronavirus in Europe, with more than 23,000 confirmed deaths but their league is already preparing to resume the league soonest. Players are working with the health workers to ensure this pandemic is completely eradicated and AS Roma is not left out. The Italian Serie A last said they are hoping on resuming the league at the end of next month if they cant make it this month ending.

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