Another Preacher on Fire for Attacking Peter Obi

A popularly Nigerian preacher Pastor Poju Oyemade, who is a Senior Pastor and Founder of The Covenant Nation has come under fire after posting some thoughts of his on social media. The thoughts he shared were taken to be a post encouraging people to vote for the All Progressive Congress presidential aspirant Tinubu. Many people who are most likely to be Peter Obi’s fans came after the preacher man Pastor Poju. 

Preacher man Pst. Poju Oyemade Under Fire for Tweet Targeted at Peter Obi

He horribly deleted his tweet after many inferred it was directed at Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi and came for him. He had talked about the enthusiasm of youths which according to him, shouldn’t be wasted on poorly planned projects. He also tweeted that Jesus said that “no man goes to battle without taking stock first nor laying the foundation of a tower”. 

Another Preacher On Fire For Attacking Peter Obi
Tweet of Pst Poju Oyemade

Many people who reacted to the tweet, inferred that it was directed at Peter Obi whose main supporters are youths. Following the backlash he received, he deleted his tweets. Remember he was in support of president Mohamamadu Buhari in the 2015 campaign and election, many hated him because since then he has not come out to say anything about the government. Some people in the comment section said what he did in 2015 should have taught him and lesson and make him sit down and short up. 

Some others said they are trying to fix the nonsense he did in 2015 and so he should make come out to say anything again. Pastor Poju is the second preacher to be under fire for saying something against the presidential aspirant of the Labour Party Mr Peter Obi. The first is Reverend Father Mbaka who said the man is a stingy man. 

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