What is it that Peter Obi has that Other Aspirants Lack?

Peter Obi has gradually become a household name that every young Nigerian see as the MESSIAH to save Nigeria from the current predicament. The Anambra man is said to be very selfless and has no tolerance for injustice or corruption. This character of his was seen when he finish his tenure as his state’s governor when he invited the NFCC to come run an audit on his work.

That is to tell you how accountable the man is. many who work with him said he is a very simple man and he does not parade himself in pride with what has been archived. He lives in a two-bedroom apartment and according to him, he only owns two pears of shows and one wriest watch.

In 2015 he came out as the vice-president under the People’s Democratic Party PDP with former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as the presidential aspirant. After giving his manifesto, many advised him to leave the People’s Democratic Party and form his party or join a party which is not the popularly PDP or APC.

80% of the Youths of Nigeria Stands with Peter Obi

Fast forward to 2022, he took the advice and he dumped the People’s Democratic Party and joined Labour Party and became the party’s presidential candidate of the Party. Peter Obi has said at different times that Nigeria is suffering from bad leadership as she is not a producing country.

A visit to the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in Abuja, has said it again that the country is suffering from bad leadership. He stated that the citizens are not receiving the best from the ruling class, calling for a change from the sharing formula to the production formula.

What Is It That Peter Obi Has That Other Aspirants Lack?

The major supporters of this man are the youths, and even though he never came out at any time to campaign for their support these youths have come all out for him. Nigerian youths love this man to the point that a talk against him can be regarded as blasphemy.

The former Anambra governor has won the hearts of the youths. When the People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar came to ask him to be his vice he said plainly that his campaign has been hijacked by the youths and there is nothing he can do about it again.

Stating why he visited the Nigerian Labour Congress he said nobody can emerge as Nigeria’s President without agreeing with organised labour and other organisations. He also said: “Nigeria is not a producing country. The cumulative effect of what we are suffering today is bad leadership.”

What Is It That Peter Obi Has That Other Aspirants Lack?
What is it that Peter Obi has that Other Aspirants Lack?

“It is a leadership that concentrates on sharing. We have to move from sharing formula to production formula. OBIdiants as his followers are called will do everything legal to see him wi the 2023 presidential election. Recently a high-profiled priest by the name of Father Mbaka called him a stingy man in public because he refused to give him money to build a project while Peter Obi had earlier asked him to show him the project and he will do something about it.

The hope and better future of Nigeria are almost assumed to be in the hands of this man, but can the votes of the youths give him the crown? The youths long before now have been known for only campaigning online but this time they are coming massively to register to get their voter’s card. The youths are also begging former Kano state governor Kwankwoso to join forces with him so they can gather more momentum but the former Kano state governor is bent on running his presidential race.

Questions people don’t want to hear now is why if Peter Obi wins and then, fails us just like Buhari. What if he is not as clean as we have accepted or assumed him to be? But another question is what if he is as clean as we see him be? What if he has the key to saving this country from sinking?

What Is It That Peter Obi Has That Other Aspirants Lack?

We are in a democratic state and so it will be very wrong to force anybody to vote for your person but truth be told a better nation where everyone can smile is what we pray for. Not to mention names or pinpoint anything but the last seven years in Nigerians have been very sad.

The crime rate has risen to the highest point and the country has been ranked among the most dangerous countries to live in. Have got you your Permanent Voter’s Card? If not please do as a better country can not evolve from anywhere if we do not make conscious efforts in building it by voting for the person we believe is the best person to rule the nation.

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