Allegri Picks New Captain for His Juve Team

New Juventus head coach Max Allegri is set to pick his new skipper, and every sports lover has been dropping their take on who they think will be the next Juventus skipper. The captaincy hand band was with Giorgio Chiellini before the arrival of the new manager.

Allegri Picks Chielline as his New Skipper

With the arrival of Allegri, t looks like the manager will not stick with the former skipper. Chiellini, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, and Bonucci are the oldest players in the team to pick from. However, the manager has made it known that he will stick Chiellini as the new captain of the club.

Allegri Picks New Captain For His Juve Team 1
Allegri Picks New Captain for His Juve Team 3

The head coach said: “In terms of his experience at Juve, Dybala can be the vice-captain because Bonucci left Juventus and then returned, so he had to start from scratch. I expect a lot from Dybala, I’ve spoken to him, and he is very motivated.”

He also said: “The captain and vice-captain are decided depending on how long they’ve been playing in the team. So Chiellini is the most experienced one, followed by Dybala.”

He said the reason why he will not make Bonucci the assistant skipper is because the defender left for one season, and it was a deliberate decision by him to leave, so if he wants the captain’s armband, he must buy it and play with it in the street and Bonucci is aware of it he concluded.

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