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Ali Baba Counters Spiritual Belief About Coronavirus

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba has advised Nigerians not to allow spirituality blindfold them from knowing basic facts about the outbreak of Coronavirus which has shut down so many activities in different countries around the world.

He gave the advice in a post where he talked about how dangerous the virus could be.

He said “Don’t let anyone, no matter their religious position, uses religious escapism to drive you to commit suicide. This #Coronavirus is no jokes

This is not the time to say #ItsNotMyPortion… #BindAndCast

Ali Baba

Ali Baba
Ali Baba

The same way they will tell you to pray for your wards to get a job, yet they are personally calling their contacts to employ their wards.

The same people telling you to pray for protection from Armed Robbers, but are protecting themselves with armed security.

Better borrow yourself brain, Mecca is empty. The Vatican too. Churches are temporarily closing down. Countries are canceling visas. Borders are being closed.

The comedian further stated the need to embrace cleanliness as a way to stay safe from contracting the virus.

“Wash your hands, Maintain social distances, No handshakes, Don’t touch your face, Maintain highest form of hygiene, Cover mouth when you sneeze.

Use a mask, Don’t touch rails in public places.

Avoid public gatherings.

Follow up on news.

Like the Holy Qur’an teaches… “Go tie up your horse and then pray for it not to go missing”

The Holy Bible says, the Israelites were told to mark their houses so that death can passover them. Precautionary measures are not weaknesses of faith.

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