CAN Receives Strong Message from MURIC

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN recently received a rather sensitive message from the Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, Kano State Chapter, regarding its affiliation with some political activities.

The Christian association was fingered for participating in religious politics as the Islamic group hinted that CAN President, Dr Samson Ayokunle, once said that he plans to gather all Nigerian Christians to elect a Christian president come 2023.

According to a statement issued by the chairman of the Kano branch of MURI , Mallam Hassan Sani Indabawa, he said the ChristianAssociation was misleading its followers by claiming that they have the number to install a Christian president without Muslim input.

He pointed out Rev. Ayokunle spoke in Jos on Sunday during an interview with journalists after delivering a church sermon on them ‘Defeating your Enemies Through the Power of Unity,’ which was held at COCIN Church, Rahwol Kanang, Jos, Plateau State.

“It is rather unfortunate that whereas global best practices dictate that emphasis should be placed on merit instead of religion in the choice of leadership, CAN is fanning the embers of religious politics. Ayokunle is making a ridiculous claim of Christian majority status in the Nigerian demographic architecture. It is false, myopic, parochial, untenable and unacceptable.” He said.

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CAN Receives Strong Message from MURIC
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