8 Reasons Why You Should Rent and Not Buy a Car

8 Reasons to rent and not buy a car is about the professional view of Aperental company’s insights in renting and buying a car. Renting a car instead of buying one has in recent time been filled with many controversies in the sight of many contemporaries (Car dealers, rental companies and both customers). There has been a perennial debate amongst individuals as well as parastatals whether to rent a car or an outright purchase of it. This has indeed become an issue of diverse perception. Some school of thought are of the opinion that rental is too expensive over a period, hence prefer buying.

Other schools of thought insist that when one has trip guidance, renting a car periodically is more of a better option and has so many advantages than buying one. Regardless of the view of these contemporaries, at “Ape rental” the leading car rental company in Abuja Nigeria, we believe to a reasonable extent that it’s crystal clear and obvious that the benefits of renting a car outweighs that of purchasing it. We believe that with renting a car it comes with a lot of Economic, Social and cost benefits among others. The ‘8 reasons’ for this point of view are listed below as:

1. Cost Minimization

Ape rental in this view tends to consider those who reside in Big cities such as Abuja, Lagos, Dubai, Washington DC, Paris, Rome among others where you have favorable or pleasant public transportation. There may not be any need for you to buy a car since one can take care of his/her daily appointments with rental cars. In fact, most times if not in all cases, rental cars are more efficient and effective rather than trying to master the road network by yourself and driving your car trying to navigate through traffic which can be very tiring.

If one plans his/her day or month’s road trip and rents a car for that, it tends to be more economical than buying a car and having to pay for its parking cost either in office or at home or even both. Worrying about its maintenances, washing of the car on a daily basis, paying for its insurances, just to mention but a few also constitute the stress.  

2. Enjoy Variety

Another reason why you should rent and not buy a car is to enjoy varieties. In renting a car with rental companies especially Aperental company, customers enjoy the liberty of picking a car of their choice amidst the multiplies of cars available. For car lovers, the ability to ability to enjoy a different car upon each rental period is definitely a dream come true.

Additionally, while enjoying the varieties and variations in cars used, customers also enjoy the benefit of making payments only for the time they made use the car, these in totality is a huge benefit in renting a car because customers have the luxury of renting a car when he/she has need for it and not being forced to pay for it over the rest of the year.

3. Innovations  

It’s no more news that the world is rapidly moving towards partnership economy from ‘owned’ one. Technology and recent innovations have lead residents especially in urban areas to prefer renting a car than going through stressful encumbrances of owing a car. Most urban professionals in developed cities clamor for a stress-free lifestyle in the area of mobility. Owning the car comes with a hand full of impediments like value depreciation, maintenances, insurances et cetera.

These negative vibes lead to invention and usage of self-driven cars which allow the users to drive when he/she wants and then pay rent for the duration of the rental. For those that don’t like driving, the can also rent a car and be driven to and from work on a daily basis instead of buying a car attached with the burden of other expenses of hiring a driver and taking care of his salary, housing, welfare as the case may be.

4. While on Vacation

During vacations, renting a car while on vacation will definitely make your holiday memorable, stress-free and save you money too. Choosing the latest and different type of cars and having an elongated test driving of the cars during vacations or holidays will definitely be an added advantage if ever the person involve decides to buy a car in the long-run.

While on holiday in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria, Ape rental company, the leading car rental company in Abuja got you covered, and with our effective, efficient, comfortable, affordable and other mouth-watering incentives, your holiday is certain to be worth remembering. Be sure to keep ‘Ape rental’ in mind when there’s the need to rent a car in Abuja.

5. On Special Occasions

In this regard, we consider some occasions and special events, one might decide a little upgrade in his/her car collections and not just show up with the regular car which possibly he/she has been driving and showing up with for years. Assuming one is preparing to attend an elegant occasion or even planning to propose to his fiancé and fills that his/her old car doesn’t fit the outing, instead of going all out to buy a luxury car for this purpose, it is advisable and far more cost-effective to rent a car.

Renting a car once in a while for special events has more economic and social benefits to it than buying one for that. However, Ape rental company Abuja offers a discount on our luxury cars for special occasions and events like weddings, anniversaries, et cetera especially when the client makes an advance booking to that effect.

6. In Running Errands

In cases of errands or meeting up with primary mobility needs which can include; School-runs, Dates, Wedding preparation, Shopping for household or office supplies which might involve relatively great sized items. It doesn’t make sense for someone to buy a big sized car or truck just for this purpose which is not even a regular occurrence.

The most incisive thing to do is to rent a truck or a car that best suits you, rather than an outright purchase of one. Renting a truck or a huge car will not only help you ease the stress of worrying about the carriage of the items bought and save you time but also, over the year will help the person involve save a reasonable amount of money.

7. Lifestyle Choices

Environmental and other social vices often institute a certain lifestyle choice which makes people prefer renting than buying a car. Some circumstances definitely make people prefer renting than buying a car. The cost of buying luxury cars are far more expensive than renting one. High-interest rates play a serious part in inflating the prices of cars hence, increase the need to rent.

Most people who like driving new cars often prefer to drive rental cars as it gives them room to change cars at their own convenience. Hence, they don’t need to worry themselves with issue of bad roads and maintenance cost, as one can just take a bad car back to the rental company and have it replaced with another one or just put a call through to the rental company for repair or change of a rented car and have it done within a twinkle of an eye. oh! yes!!, It’s that easy.

8. Damage and Stress worries

Stress which arises from an accident, pollution, traffic congestion, pot-holes among others are part of the major determinate why renting a car is far better than purchasing it.  Concentrated population in cities has automatically given rise to two artificial surge periods, which are in the morning hours when it’s time to go to work, school or other daily activities and another being towards evening which is time to return.

These artificial high surge period and other factors like port-holes, impatience of drivers, bad road, pollution and road traffic congestion are among the clinging and insuperable task being faced by road users and these have led to many car owners giving up their cars and adopting car rental as the best alternative.   

The above ‘8 Reasons’ are a few of the many reasons why you should rent and not purchase a car by Aperental the number one car rental company in Abuja, Nigeria. It’s recommendable to purchase assets that rise in value and rent the ones that depreciate or fall within a while. When one is taking into account, the need to minimize expenses and maximize utility in the area of transportation, renting a car is the wright option than purchasing one.

So, are you in Abuja and need to rent a car? Ape rental got you covered. Call us today on or visit

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