5 Ways To Wear Yellow Outfits During This Weather

Hey fashion lovers,

Let’s be honest, the weather in Nigeria has been cold lately. I for one can testify because I feel like the starks from GOT, I might as well say winter is coming. Dressing DURING this weather can be quite a hassle but I’ve got a solution for the dull mood.

Wearing yellow in this weather will completely change your mood. The constant rain with the unending cold weather will put you in a sour mood. Imagine looking like a ray of sunshine even in the weather; say no more, these yellow outfits will put you at the top of everyone’s happy list.

Look 1

Yellow outfits

Laying a plaid outfit with a yellow blazer will make you look very sunny. Claire is giving us layering goals.

Look 2

Yellow outfits

Pair 2 shades of bright shades to bring a dose of sunny side up. Ella is giving us a slay tip.

Look 3

Yellow outfits

A little monochrome doesn’t hurt anybody. Dress from head to toe in yellow outfits. Nichole Williams gives us this dope look.

Look 4

Yellow outfits

Add a yellow blazer to your everyday look

look 5

Yellow outfits

Modest fashion for all. Wear a yellow skirt to lift your dull mood.