Coronavirus: Face Mask as Most Wanted Clothing Worldwide

We never knew we would face a deadly virus this year that would influence our fashion; I mean face mask being an important part of our clothing accessory. It is just the most used clothing accessory worldwide today but whoever expected that to be?

World Health Organization (WHO) has earmarked medical/face mask to help cushion the effect of coronavirus. Patients of the deadly infection are to use it to prevent the spread of the airborne disease. Healthy people only need to wear a mask if taking care of a person with a suspected covid-19 infection.

Those who are coughing and sneezing are also advised to use it. WHO has also provided guidelines on how to use the mask effectively which involve the combination of frequent hand cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Coronavirus: Face Mask As Most Wanted Clothing Worldwide

Face Mask as Most Wanted Clothing Accessory

The use of face mask has gone wide since then. In fact, in US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports the use of this clothing could run short during the pandemic-meaning little availability of masks for people in the United States.

In Nigeria, face mask has been massively produced by the Aba People, of Southeast Nigeria since the outbreak. It has been an important clothing of both men and women, young and old. We cannot but do with this unexpected clothing accessory.

NCDC has also provided information to Nigerians on the use this clothing. A particular state governor has ordered those in the state to make use of the face mask at all cost. Along with social distancing and maintaining personal hygiene, face mask has been one of the ways of preventing the spread of covid-19.

Face Mask in the Fashion Industry

Different type of face mask has been seen since the outbreak worldwide. The best material for this is a doubled-up 600-thread count pillowcase or flannel pajamas that provides up to 60 per cent filtration.

Many other materials have been used since then but the main thing is that should be safe to breathe through, and materials that contain things like fibreglass should be avoided.

Fashion designers have also included the production of face mask during this pandemic. In the manufacturing hub of Nigeria, Aba, the production has increased in the past few weeks.

Some creative designers have also used Ankara, and other local fabrics to make the mask.

Coronavirus: Face Mask As Most Wanted Clothing Worldwide
Ankara made face masks

It is also important to note that the price of this mask has gone up since the outbreak all over the world. In Nigeria for example, a surgical mask that cost 2 for #50 now costs #200-#500 for one. This is to show how it is the most wanted clothing anywhere now.

Face Mask Worn in Style

Surgical mask and other types of face mask is used mainly by those in medical line as well as those working in the manufacturing industry. It has since been a part of our clothing even as we stay indoor in a time like this.

In the US, there has been pictures of people wearing it in different colors (black, white, and dotted).  A picture of American singer, Chris Brown wearing a face mask in style was seen on the internet a week ago.

In Nigeria, celebrities were seen on anti-coronavirus face mask at the AMVCA awards. Omashola of Big Brother Naija, Ifu Ennanda and others made waves through their face mask style at the actors and actresses award.

Coronavirus: Face Mask As Most Wanted Clothing Worldwide
Omashola on face mask at the 2020 AMVCA

Although, face mask has been a good business for the people producing them at this point of time, we cannot but wait to see the end of this. I mean when we can all stop to be a Ninja. Lol!

We have to stay safe and healthy as ever. This time will surely pass.

Do share your thought with us on this post in the comment section. Thanks for reading this piece.

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