5 Ways Not to Be Kidnapped in Nigeria

Nigeria has become a flashpoint for kidnapping, and not a square meter of any part of the country seems to be safe as it is right now. 

Some of the most disturbing parts of the situation are that the hands of the security agencies seem to be too short to arrest the perpetrators.

Another reason is that not only the rich are victims of kidnappings in Nigeria, but even the poor are also, unfortunately, having their fair share of the menace.

While people are being kidnapped for ransom purpose, others are being taken for rituals. But whichever way, there are ways not to be kidnapped in Nigeria, and some of them are as follows.

1. Avoid Predictable Movements

It is good to be smart in all our dealings, and at this crucial time, you have to be smart in the ways you move around in your environment. 

To avoid being kidnapped in Nigeria, avoid taking the same route every time. For instance, you might not take the same route you took to work back home always.

2. Avoid Flamboyant Living

Moderacy is one of the critical ways not to be kidnapped in Nigeria these days. Just like it has always been preached, do things in moderation. 

Do not engage in flamboyant living; there is no need to show off. Do not go buying expensive wears, cars, pieces of jewellery and accessories that can attract kidnappers to you. Simply put, live on a low key.

3. Don’t Make Business Calls Publicly.

Let us make this clear, do not go about making calls where you mention a huge sum of money in public. You will only be making yourself a target for kidnappers when you talk about the transfer of funds, payments, foreign trips and other jaw-dropping and enticing topics publicly.

4. Let Someone know Your whereabout

Some people are in the habit of sharing the details of the cabs they bored with friends and close family members just for security purpose. Yes, that is good, don’t just disappear without informing Someone you can trust with your life.

Do not also forget to give an update in case there are changes in your plans. Please give them the name of the person you are going to meet, the actual address and any other details that can help.

Try to make the person you are going to meet know that other people are aware that you are with him or her. That can also help save you from any evil plans against you.

5. Your Mobile Phone

Keep your phone handy; this can help you raise an alarm if you notice a kidnap threat. Always try to keep your mobile phone charged and ensure you have airtime.

A little airtime can save you, and data can help you share your actual location and also raise an alarm. So you might want to learn how to share your location using your phone.

These are some ways not to be kidnapped in Nigeria; try to use them both day and night. Be vigilant, and above all, pray not to be a victim.

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