5 Places Nigerian Men Uses for Marriage Proposals

Nigerian men are out of this world as they are creatively creative even in marriage proposals. The journey for forever starts with a popping question ‘will you marry me?’ for those who are ready to commit into it and this can be with or without witness(es).

A friend of mine, who was getting married asked me for ideas on how and where to do his marriage proposals. It was so weird that he could ask me of all people but it has to be creative and unique for him.

5 Places Nigerian Men Uses For Marriage Proposals 1

Nigerian men just like many other men have some particular spots for things like this, it will soothe you to find out what it really looks like as most of Nigerian go down on their kneel (it has been debated these days though) to ask the special one for a committed journey of marriage.

5 Places Nigerian Men Visits for Marriage Proposals

Here are some places Nigerian men visit with their wife-to-be to make marriage proposals. They are listed in no particular order:

5 Places Nigerian Men Uses For Marriage Proposals 2
  1. Eateries, Restaurants or Bars: In the process of getting something to eat and drink, most men uses the opportunity to make their marriage proposals. Rings could be kept in cakes, burger, champagne, or kept under napkins/cutleries for this purpose. You’re a showman if she screams ‘Yes! Yes!!’ in the public place.
  2. Beaches: It is a romantic one if you visit Nigerian sea shores for marriage proposals. There are many beaches in this part of the world such as Bar beach, La Campagna, etc. The sands on the shore might play a part in this when you use your fingers to write the question ‘will you marry me?’.  You together journey could start with a fresh breeze at the sea which would fill your memories.
  3. Resort Centers and Parks: Nigerian men have also used places like these for their marriage proposals. With the natural habits and its scenery, it is romantic to go down on your kneel and ask the question. Men who doesn’t want much attention uses this place for marriage proposals. It is even safer if your heart is broken here lol!
  4. Offices: A working place could be turn to a romantic scene by Nigerian men. With the boss and few workers involved, the journey to become Mr. & Mrs. takes place in the office. You must have done your homework very well to try out the office. Well, the chances are slim if she would say ‘No’.
  5. Online: The world is now digital as many things are done online. Some relationships which have been built by communications online through distance has led to online marriage proposals. It might be an ‘arranged marriage/wedding’ or probably the man is out of the country. With a video call app, Nigerian men have asked their fiancée to marry them.
5 Places Nigerian Men Uses For Marriage Proposals 3
Man excited because she said yes!

These are few places Nigerian men among other men in the world have begun their together journey.

Do share with us your marriage proposal experience in the comment section. Thanks for reading this piece.

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