#MercyXIkethShow: Ike Gives Condition For Marriage

Mercy and Ike

Ike has given Mercy on the last condition that must be met before it can be sure that the power BBNaija couple will make it to the alter.

Mercy Eke and her boyfriend Ike Onyema, have been coming a long way since they met at the 2019 Pepper Dem edition of the Big Brother Naija reality TV Show.

The show of their love for each other on the show was without apologies, and that endeared most of their fans to them.

#Mercyxikethshow: Ike Gives Condition For Marriage 1
What Next

The whole world was able to measure the level of their love for themselves when Ike sacrificed his coins for Mercy to buy immunity for herself at a critical time when the battle was fierce and meant only for the fittest.

Take it or leave it, that contributed to her victory as the first female to ever will BBNaija, and she has since then made wave on the social space, with her fan base growing tremulously by the day.

Rumour had it at a point that the relationship between she and Ike had hit the rock, sending worry in the circle of their followers, with different questions left asked but received no answer.

The news of a new reality show named What Next, coming from Mercy and Ike was, however, a sure relief, and there could not have been anything that could have served as an assurance for their fans than the show.
Except maybe a wedding date or Ike putting a ring on it.

The first episode of What Next was a tip of the iceberg with different revelations been made known, especially to know how far they have gone with their love relationship and what next to expect from them.

Mercy and Ike revealed to us that they are doing fine, and that is just good to know.

But on the third edition of the show, Mercy and her sister Promised had a heart-to-heart talk about Ike moving in with her before marriage and even without being engaged to him.

Mercy needed to hear what her sister has to say about this development, and Promise was ready to hide her thoughts on this as well.

She told Mercy that it would not be a good idea for the two lovers to move in together before marriage, stressing that there was no need to rush. ” Don’t rush into doing anything, and don’t allow any to put you under pressure to do anything.”

That was the beginning of her words to Mercy, so she went ahead to add, ” Don’t marry because you are enticed, don’t marry Ike out of pity. You know that I have been through this and I can tell you one or two things about it.”

She told her sister that she had not seen enough commitment and seriousness in Ike that would convince her to tell Mercy to marry him.

The main statement made here that sounded like the last hurdle for Mercy and Ike is that Ike had earlier told Mercy that he would not be marrying her if his dad does not approve of their relationship. What are you saying?

When Mercy’s sister Promise made this statement, Mercy also confirmed it, and she said Ike’s dad would be coming to Nigeria from the UK for a burial ceremony soon and that is when she would be meeting him to hear his verdict.

So the love affair between Mercy and Ike might not be going anywhere if Ike’s dad disapproves of it. As Africans, we understand the import of parental consent to marital relationships, and that should not be contested in this case,however, there are different questions to ask.

One of such questions is if Ike is ready to fight for his love and believe in the future he claims to see with Mercy? According to what we have seen on What Next so far, Ike ‘s aunties and cousin have shown us that his family had already approved Mercy and their future in-law.
They attended Mercy’s house warming party and brought Ugba and stockfish for her. He was even planning to announce to his family members that he wants to move in with his girlfriend. These show that the whole family is aware of their relationship, so where is this clause coming from?

Anyway, we wait for the next episode of What Next and Ike’s dad to come from the UK before concluding.

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