10 Things You Don’t Know About Big Brethren Ghana

Big Brethren Ghana 

Reality TV shows have become a big deal in the entertainment world across the globe for a while now, and African countries are not slacking in their attempts to catch up with this reality.

Big Brother reality TV show airs in different continents and countries and Nigeria is one of the countries with a wide range of audience and history for the show.

Big Brother Naija or BBNaija as it is called in Nigeria now has a rival in Cameroon and recently in Ghana and here are the 10 things you don’t know about the new reality TV show that just started in Ghana.


The reality TV show in Nigeria and Cameroon are both Big Brother, but in Ghana, it is Big Brethren. As the name says, the show is not about a single host like Biggie in Nigeria, so it might have more than one host.


The Big Brethren Ghana reality TV show is holding in the country’s capital, Accra.

Number of Housemates

Big Brethren Ghana has 24 housemates featuring on it, but there seems to be a slot for one more surprise housemate who they say may or may not be introduced as the show progresses.

The 24 housemates started the show from the beginning, but as some of them get evicted there they could get a new housemate they are not expecting.

Age Limit

The age limit for the housemates allowed to feature on the show is 21. That means any housemate younger than 21 will not make it past the audition process.

Ultimate Prize

The ultimate prize to be won at the end of the show is $10,000 and iPhone 11 pro-Max. As it is, the 24 housemates are competing to go home with the phone and money.


The show is to be aired for 60 days, which is 2 months. So the housemates would be required to live in a confined place for 60 days, during which a winner is supposed to emerge.

Show Host

The host of the show is a man and is name is IB. Ben Bako 

Medium of Airing

Big Brethren Ghana is to be streamed live on Youtube and on another TV station in Ghana.


While the show is being aired, they have some sessions, which would form some of the things to look forward to on the show.

They have the morning and Dawn sessions. The Morning session holds by 12 am while the Afternoon session is by 2:30 pm. 


The Big Brethren Ghana was supposed to start on Friday, August 28, 2020, but it was unable to because it faced some technical hitches the organisers said were out of there control. The immediately apologized and postponed the take-off till Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

The organisers of the reality TV show promise their viewers games, suspense, love, sad moments, happy moments, nominations, evictions, and mind-blowing experiences.

This might be a show you want to watch, and when you do Kindly wet us know what you think about it in the comment section.

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