10 Preventive and Easy Health Care Tips in Nigeria You Must Know

Preventive health care does not necessarily mean healthy eating and exercising regularly alone but majorly seeing the body as a temple that needs to take care of. Life is indeed beautiful and to enjoy it to the fullest, we need to have a positive attitude towards it. Over the years, I have begun to make researches in other to learn what it takes to be healthy and unhealthy. In the course of this article, I will be sharing with you the 10 preventive health care tips in Nigeria you must know.

10 Preventive Health Care tips in Nigeria

Reduce the intake of Processed / Junk Food

Health Care Tip On Processed Food
Health care tip on Processed food

Curtailing the intake of processed and Junk foods is a good way of checkmating our health condition and keeping our body healthy. A lot of processed and junk foods have the ability to cause heart diseases as well as high blood pressure due to the high rate of salt contains. Preservatives substances added to the process and junk foods have a negative impact on the body. And a lot of nutritional contents in processed and junk foods are lost in its creation.

Eating Breakfast

Health Care Tip On Eating Breakfast
Health care tip on eating breakfast

Another health care tip is eating breakfast. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and If you must skip any meal, it shouldn’t be breakfast. Most people have the bad habit of skipping breakfast which is harmful to the body. It has been scientifically proven that people who usually skip breakfast are reliable to having a lower blood sugar level. Eating breakfast to satisfaction is the idea approached to it. But Instead of skipping breakfast, a small bowl of muesli, a piece of slice bread or fruit can actually do the magic.

Drinking water

Health Care Tip On Drinking Water
Health care tip on drinking water

Drinking water only when you are thirsty is bad and clearly a part to damaging the liver. The body contains more than 60% of water which is essential in executing body functions. Water help to carry oxygen and nutrients all through the body. Drinking water regularly remove waste and help in transporting oxygen and nutrient around the body. The body needs about two to three liters or about eight to ten glasses of water daily. Note that, following the stipulated water therapy for 3 months will tremendously make our skin to glow, and the body components to start functioning properly.    

Eat a lot of Fruits and Vegetable

Health Care Tip On Eating Fruits And Vegetables
Health care tip on eating fruits and vegetables

Among the inclusions in the health care tips are eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Eating lots of fruits and vegetable daily helps in providing an adequate amount of fibre, mineral and vitamins needed in the body. Its advisable to add at least a glass of fresh fruit juice to every meal. Additionally, finding a way to constantly spice up our food with vegetables will without doubt, positively influence the functionality of our body system i.e. to encourage a healthy body.

Reduce/Stop Intake of Alcohol/Soft Drink

Health Care Tip On Reducing Or Stopping Alcohol And Soft Drinks
Health care tip on reducing or stopping alcohol and soft drinks

Alcohol is a medicinal substance that increases the volume of the urine excreted, invariably, draining water from the body. In every bottle of soft drink or bear consumed, it equates taking about 9 to 44 cubes of sugar. And it however, takes more than a week to be excreted from the body totally. High intake of alcohol and soft drinks also increase the chances of suffering a heart attack by 20 percent. Alcohol have constantly shown to affect the proper functioning of the lungs, liver, brain, kidney among other body components.

Going for Regular Checkups

Health Care Tip On Going For Regular Checkups
Health care tip on going for regular checkups

Researches have however shown that going for regular checkups is a positive way of a staying healthy and a health care approach. Gone are the days when we see the doctors only when we are sick. Now, doctors are advising patients and people generally to come for regular checkups so as to help them stay healthy. For those diseases that usually don’t show up as symptoms until it’s late, going for regular checkups helps in identifying them and taking corrective actions towards them. Early dictation of such diseases gives one the best chance towards obtaining the right medications on time and avoid further complications that could have emerged.  

Don’t Hold/Block Urine

Health Care Tip On Holding-Up Or Blocking Urine
Health care tip on holding-up or blocking urine

Not holding-up/blocking Urine is also a health care tip. Most people are used to the habit of holding up and blocking urine. Some engage in this act probably being ignorant of its unhealthy implications. Holding up or Blocking urine when you are supposed to let go has a lot of negative influence to the body organs. This act has proven to cause damage to the liver, kidney, among others. So whenever you feel like urinating, please look for a way to let it out and don’t hold or block it.

Eat Prebiotics

Health Care Tip On Eating Prebiotics
Health care tip on eating prebiotics

 Eating Prebiotic food is very necessary for gut bacteria to flourish. Prebiotic foods feed the friendly bacteria in the gut, boost the immune system, and also reduce constipation. The Prebiotic food, however, helps the gut bacteria to produce nutrients for the colon cells in the body which will lead to a healthier digestive system. Short-chain fatty acids like propionate, butyrate and acetate are among the nutrients which the gut bacteria produce with the aid of prebiotics. Among the prebiotic foods includes; Dandelion green (used also in salads), apples, barley, garlic, yacon root (similar to sweet potatoes), leeks, onions, bananas, oats, cocoa, among others.

Exercising Regularly

Health Care Tip On Exercising Regularly
Health care tip on exercising regularly

Among the major health care tips include exercising regularly, as it reduces all the biomarkers of aging and adds enormous benefits to our health. Constantly exercising our body among other benefits includes; reducing the risk of diseases, encourage weight loss, improve our lifespan, among others. However, its advisable for us to choose an exercise that we enjoy and have a routine approach that works for us towards it. This is because exercising isn’t about suffering ourselves but, it’s about being healthy and having fun with the variety of interesting exercises we choose. Engaging in cardio and any sporting activity like swimming, basketball, football, among others, help in different muscle workouts.

Avoid Deep-Fried Foods

Health Care Tip On Avoiding Deep-Fried Foods
Health care tip on avoiding deep-fried foods

 This is a quick and inexpensive method of cooking. Foods prepared with this method always contain high calories and trans fat than foods cooked normally and are harmful to the body. The process of deep-frying food changes the chemical structure of fats, hence, causing difficulties in the breakdown. Enormous intake of deep-fried food causes irregularities in the body like cancer, obesity, heart diseases among others. Food processed through deep frying creates a lot of toxicity to the body and do not have positive health benefits.

However, the 10 health care tips above and others like; reduction of salt and sugar intake, avoidance of smoking, practicing of good dental hygiene, adequate sleep, meditation among others are essential for a healthy body. And trying as much as possible to adhere to them will massively improve and ensure that our body gets the necessary health benefits it needs.

Be sure to check out healthy habits to incorporate and share your views in the comment section.

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