$1 Billion: Which Sportsman Will be First?

$1 billion is a huge amount of money, but seeing how much people make from sports these days, it is not impossible to see some athletes hit that billion mark. We will be taking a look at those closest to achieving it now.

Woods, Ronaldo and Federer in race for who hits $1 billion first

Legends Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo and Roger Federer have made incredible amounts of money through their careers but are all competing to be the first $1 billion sportsman.

The three athletes all had endorsement deals with Nike at one point in their careers and are each on the path to earning a billion dollars through their work.

Woods has already earned an astonishing $800million through his highly successful career.

$1 Billion: Which Sportsman Will Be First? 1
Tiger Woods

He has won a whopping 15 Major Championship tournaments, and he’s also racked an incredible 82 PGA Tour wins.

According to a survey from Casumo, he is on track to break the billion barrier by the time he turns 48 – which is in three years and three months.

Juventus forward Ronaldo is right behind him, reportedly earning $105 million every year.

$1 Billion: Which Sportsman Will Be First? 2
Cristiano Ronaldo

He has already amassed about $500m and is set to surpass the billion mark by the time he turns 40.

Tennis icon Federer is next on the highest-earner list, having earned a cool $450m already in his career.

However, the Swiss legend is towards the end of his playing days, and it is currently estimated that it’ll take him another five years to break past the $1bn barrier.

$1 Billion: Which Sportsman Will Be First? 3
Roger Federer

Who do you think will be the first to break the billion dollar mark?

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