Entrepreneurial Tips For Budding Nigerian Minds

Nigeria has drastically experienced the rise of entrepreneurship in recent years. Entrepreneurship is the conversion of an idea into realism which includes strategizing, designing, initiation and running a new business model. Entrepreneurs are persons who conceive this notion of introducing a new business with their creative and innovative ideations.

There are entrepreneurs in the country who have astounding ideas for the country to grow but lack the right path.There are also several entrepreneurs who aspire and hope to become big but lack the motivation.

As A Budding Entrepreneur Try These Three Tips First

  1. Believe in Yourself: The foremost step before venturing into a business module is to believe in yourself. Instil faith in your ideas and abilities. It is practically impossible for someone else to be certain of what you are selling or servicing until you are sure of it. It is important that you have confidence in everything that you do. Obstacles and hindrances are inevitable but never let anything doubt your capabilities and proficiencies.
  2. Accept Your Fears and Fight them Off: It is completely fine to have inhibitions and doubts. But make sure that does not dominate you and distract you from your visions. It is important to trace down and realise what makes you weak or stops you from achieving your goal. Accept it and find solutions to battle it off so that you are unstoppable.
  3. Take Risks: Risks and profits are always directly proportional as higher the risks means higher the profits. But this doesn’t mean that losses cannot happen. Higher risk definitely and substantially increases the chances of losses. Therefore, it is very essential to take calculative risks for higher profits. This is the harsh truth of the business life. But every successful person has taken risks and no success story is complete without a Calculated Risk.

Then Do These

  1. Learn from your Mistakes: Humans are bound yet certain to make errors and faults. But it is important that they learn and take away the message. This is to ensure and reduce the repercussions of the already made faults. Do not try to overlook your mistakes. Instead take an experience or lesson from them and look out for ways and means to avoid it. Mistakes can often the best teacher as they teach you the best lesson of your life.
  2. Take Some Time Off: Business can be very exhausting; mentally and physically therefore, it is okay to take some time off from it. You must treat yourself into things what you love to do like travelling, painting, writing, reading or even indulge in any kind of sports activities. It is important to make a balance in your professional and personal life.
  3. Learn to Value Time, Money and Resources: It is essential that you value time, money and resources. All of them are limited in the country therefore, it is essential that we do not exhaust them unnecessarily.


Being an Entrepreneur is no easy task for which we have explained what a budding an inspiring entrepreneur should undertake to come closer to success. Analyse everything very carefully and closely to ensure that you turn all threats into opportunities and all weaknesses into strengthens to ensure the growth of your business, effectively and efficiently.

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