Woman Disgraces Husband’s Mistress on Abuja Street

It was trouble in the air as a married woman disgraces husband’s mistress on the streets of Abuja.

Woman Disgraces Husband’s Mistress in Market

The unidentified woman was seen calling after a younger lady while walking down a popular market in Abuja. According to eye witnesses, the older lady was tired of sharing her husband with the younger lady and decided to accost her in a public place to teach her a lesson.

Despite being warded off severally, the woman persistently followed the alleged mistress as she walked on. While the people standing around were trying to dissuade the woman from harassing the side chic, the scorned wife was heard saying,

“husband snatcher, leave my husband alone. If na your husband, you go gree? you go tell me make I go rest?”

The victim of this public ridicule who was in the company of another lady, walked on in absolute embarrassment.

Other bystanders chipped in that the woman should be attacking hr husband and not the younger lady

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