Oritsefemi’s Wife Hunts For Husband’s Sidechick

Nabila Fash, Oritsefemi’s wife hunts for her husband’s side chick in a public announcement.

The sports show host took to her Instagram to call out the lady who allegedly came into her matrimonial home to sleep with her husband while she was out working.

Recall that in 2017, the two got married in a wedding that Oritsefemi described as a carnival. Three years down the line in October 2020, a scandal rocked their marriage.

Reports had it that Oritsefemi was abusing his wife physically and even beat her to the point of being hospitalized. In addition to this, there were also allegations of infidelity forcing his wife to move out of their home and in with her actress friend, Caroline Danjuma.

However, the couple quickly made up after Oritsefemi tendered a public apology and asked people to help beg his wife in October 2020.

Oritsefemi’s Wife Hunts For husband’s girlfriend

Barely six months after the last scandal, Nabila has come out to confirm her husband’s cheating status as she took to her Instagram page to announce her search for the lady who came into her matrimonial home to have coital relations with Oritsefemi.

See her post below,

Oritsefemi'S Wife Hunts For Husband'S Sidechick 1
Oritsefemi’s Wife Hunts For husband’s girlfriend

There has been no comment from the accused cheat, Oritsefemi but his wife sounds ready to get to the root of this.

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