Wizkid Spots Difference Between Muhammadu Buhari & Donald Trump

Nigerian famous singer, Ayodeji Balogun aka Wizkid has used his Twitter platform to say the difference Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump.

Wizkid is one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter Nigeria and has a popular fanbase called ‘Wizkid FC’.

He disclosed his assumed difference between Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump of the United States of America in his tweet which has got many people talking.


The two leaders have been facing tough times in recent weeks. While the whole world has battled the coronavirus pandemic, the United States has been one of the most hit countries with the virus which originated from Wu Han, China in December 2019.

This has made President Donald Trump to label the virus ‘Chinese Virus’. He has also pulled out of the United Nations as well as World Health Organizations due his strong belief that China is in control of the international organizations.

Nigeria has also been on lockdown especially Lagos, FCT Abuja, and Ogun State due to the pandemic which however has been eased in recent weeks. While Donald Trump have been vocal about issues concerning Covid-19, his Nigerian counterpart has been less active.

The two countries also have issues of police brutality in the past week. This has made citizens cry for justice for George Floyd in the United States while Nigerians have called for justice for Uwa and Tina who were both murdered gruesomely.

While Donald Trump has commented on the case of George Floyd even though it hasn’t gone well with some of the citizens, Muhammadu Buhari is yet to say a word about the deaths of his citizens even though there have been more deaths due to tribal issues in Southern Kaduna in recent weeks.

Wizkid Spots Difference Between Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump

The recent happenings have made Wizkid draw a comparison between the two leaders; Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump of the United States.

Donald Trump and Muhammadu Buhari

In his opinion, Buhari and Trump are same person. They are also both clueless. The difference between them is that one uses Twitter more than the other.

This post has got people talking on the social media platform.

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