Wine prevents us from becoming obese, lowers our risk of diabetes, prevents memory loss, helps battle depression and is good for our hearts. It is interesting to find out that it can also increase sexual arousal in both men and women.

In general, alcohol in small amounts will increase your libido because ethanol stimulates a primitive part of your brain called the hypothalamus. Which is located right above your brain stem. This portion of the brain regulates basic human functions, including body temperature, hormone levels, and sex drive.

It contains compounds that stimulate our erogenous zones. Drinking two glasses a day gives women a higher sex drive. In men, it increases testosterone in the blood. A compound in wine called Quercetin blocks the UGT2B17 enzyme, used by the male body to flush out testosterone, increasing our craving for ‘sexy time’.

Below, are reasons to drink wine (in moderation) and have a happy sexual experience

Increases Desire: Scientific studies have now confirmed what was already suspected. Moderate and regular consumption of wine increases sexual desire, especially in women.

Helps Relaxation And Disinhibition: The polyphenols in wine, combined with low amounts of alcohol (never more than 20%), act on nerve senses. Allowing relaxation and disinhibition, with positive effects on female orgasm.

Natural Viagra: Substances contained in wine make it a natural vasodilator. This increases blood flow in various parts of the body, including the genitals, aiding male erection.