Why Was OGA! Pastor Cancelled?

A few weeks ago, a new web series premiered on Ndani TV to the enthusiasm of many Nigerians. The series, OGA! Pastor, focused the camera lenses on a young and married pastor who confesses to having an affair with a church member. The subject of the film, actors, creators and the series runners all inspired confidence in fans across the continent. This is as a result of the previous works by the same crop of people.

However, OGA! Pastor only aired for three episodes before vanishing into thin air without any explanation whatsoever. Already aired episodes were deleted from Ndani TV’s channel on YouTube and radio silence has been the case on the subject.

Fans and non-fans became enraged and they took their disappointment on social media. As is expected with every situation without an official statement or explanation, there have been insinuations as to what might have transpired. Shortly after the premiere of the web series, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA church was publicly accused of rape by Bose Dakolo and the internet went wild. Protests and campaigns against him were organized leading up to his resignation as the Church’s pastor.

There is a growing suspicion that the cancellation of OGA! Pastor might not be unconnected to the scandal. Also, Ndani TV is owned by GTBank and people believe that COZA might be an important client to the bank.

There is nothing that confirms these insinuations. But there is also nothing that discredits them. Besides that, it is irresponsible and insensitive to cancel something thousands of people are interested and invested in without a gesture of acknowledgment through a press release or statement announcing and explaining the cancellation.

PS: It is important to note that the storyline in OGA! Pastor is different from what we have found to be the case of the COZA pastor. Pastor Gesinde in the film is having an affair of sexual nature with a church member, but not rape.

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