What You Need To Know After Our First Kiss (Part 2)

First Kiss

I was very disappointed that we didn’t get our first kiss that afternoon when Christ came to borrow my Biology textbook. At least that was why I let him know that I liked him so that we could start a relationship, but it didn’t happen.

Well, after all I found out that he liked me too, and that mattered much to me. Yes, one thing was now sure… The feelings was mutual. But I still longed for our first kiss.

We left the female hostel that afternoon, I walked faster ahead of him, just to avoid been seen by anyone. I knew students talked a lot, so I wasn’t ready to be a topic for discussion. I got to the classroom and immediately got out my Biology textbook before Christ could even get to my class. So I came out and handed it to him.

Around 7pm that night. The school generator was on and in the female hostel, all were busy, some doing their laundries, some fetching water, everyone was just working. I was arranging my books for the next day’s lectures.

Shortly, Funke, my close friend and room mate entered the room, calling out to me from the door way, as she approached.

She had this weird mischievous smile on her face, that made me suspect she had something to talk about. Taking another look at her, I noticed that she had a black nylon bag in her hand. 

“What did you go to buy?” I asked her, she didn’t say anything.

“Tina, so you have started hiding things from me,” stretching out her had and handing the bag and a brown envelope to me.

“Christ asked me to give you this”, she said

“Christ?” I asked, surprised. She was now angry. “Why are you pretending like you haven’t been seeing each other, with that, she stormed out of my sight.

She wanted a gist, but I didn’t oblige, just to avoid it spreading round the school. I knew what my friend was good at, so I didn’t tell her anything about Christ.

Immediately she was gone, I checked the bag, “Wow!” He brought me beverages, so nice of him, then I opened the envelope…

The content of the letter blew my mind. He had stated how much he liked me, how his friends spoke good about me, how I took my studies seriously and that he wanted us to be together.

He praised me for my beautiful handwriting and all.

We Got Married
We Got Married

I was so happy, so I slept like a baby, knowing that  our first kiss was getting closer.

Weeks later, we wrote our final year examination and got into the same university.

We were so fond of each other and our families got closer too. Months rolled into years and we were out of the university. 

You don’t need to be surprised when I tell you that we got married. Yes, we did! There was no need to cook that night because we were satisfied at the wedding reception.

My husband called that night and said, ” Baby… You know that we have both waited for this day, ” “Yes”, I replied. “I am so happy to be with you in the end” he continued, with that, he drew me closer and kissed me, I just couldn’t get enough of him…the rest was history.

Three months later, I was at our family hospital, and had been confirmed me pregnant. We were both happy that After Our First Kiss, we would be parents!

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