Dowen College Student Death: School Authorities Narrate Ordeal

The Dowen College Student Death rumours have finally been set straight by the school authorities, claiming that the news on the 12-year-old’s passing is false.

The school management cleared the air on the falsehood cooked up by saboteurs attempting to tarnish the reputation of the education institution.

DowenCollege, situated in Lagos State, expressed worries over the horrible news involving the death of Sylvester Oromoni Junior, with claims he was battered until he passed on by a fellow schoolmate.

It would be recalled that a few days ago, a Twitter subscriber identified as Perrie put out a video narrating how his twelve-year-old cousin was tortured till he gave up the soul.

A report revealed that the student in question was not beaten to death; it disclosed that he had some level of injuries while playing football.

The Management further explained that the resident registered nurse immediately treated the injured student, who returned to the hostel safe and relieved.

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