Fani Kayode’s Short Fuse: What Is The Worth Of A Nigerian Journalist?

Following the verbal attacks launched by a former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode towards a Journalist during a press conference in Calabar, it is imperative to double-check the worth of a Nigerian Journalist.

Though many people have reacted to the video which went viral on Tuesday, August 25 showing Fani Kayode using the word “Stupid” on a reporter, Eyo Charles, who works with the Daily Trust after he asked the former Minister a question about who bankrolled him.

In the video, instead of Fani Kayode to either answer or decline the question been put to him by the reporter who later became dumbfounded after asking the question, FFK resulted into asking Eyo so many questions at a time and eventually waved the question he was asked during the Press conference.

He insulted and even threatened to report the reporter to his publisher, Daily Trust which could amount to him loosing his job.

However, it is rather unfortunate that it was not the first time Mr former Minister would use the word “Stupid” on a journalist who asked him a question which he had found unpleasing.

To this end, it is important to categorically state if FFK and other Nigerian politicians who have short temper would like to determine the type of questions they want a journalist to ask them.

Fani Kayode Regrets Attacking Journalist In Calabar
Fani Kayode Regrets Attacking Journalist In Calabar

Even when the same former Minister had used so many unprinted words on other politicians, he described himself as a man who has short fuse, it is rather unfortunate that his short fuse made him to pounced so hard on a journalist for asking him an innocent question.

What Is The Worth Of A Nigerian Journalist?

Though the former Minister has issued a statement saying that he regretted using the word Stupid on the journalist, the insult is not just about Eyo who got silenced for asking a question but for the sake of other journalists who might want to ask questions from Nigerian politicians.

That been said, the Nigerian Union of Journalist, NUJ and the International Press Centre IPC have slammed Fani-Kayode for the outburst noting that his reaction was reprehensible, dishonourable, irritating and repulsive, but it is still important to ask the question, What Is The Worth Of A Nigerian Journalist?

If a journalist would need to submit his questions for scrutinizing before asking, then, it is baseless to describe such a person as a journalist because being inquisitive is part of the qualities of a professional journalist anywhere in the world.

Moreso, Eyo Charles of the Daily Trust only asked Mr FFK a harmless question that is not worth been described as insulting if indeed Journalism is sill the fourth Estate of the realm.

Beyond the mere issuance of a press statement by the NUJ and the IPC, it is high time the bodies look into ensuring that the profession regains its lost glory.

Fani Kayode'S Short Fuse: What Is The Worth Of A Nigerian Journalist?
Fani Kayode’s Short Fuse: What Is The Worth Of A Nigerian Journalist?

The term “Brown envelope” is one of the things the body need to take a look into if indeed it is serious about making sure its members are well respected by politicians and other members of the society.

To make Nigerian journalist retain their worth, it is important for the concerned bodies to look into their welfare and set a standard such that Politicians won’t be tempted to buy over.

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