Visa For Nigerians: US Embassy Issues Strong Warning

Nigeria citizens have been warned against reports making the rounds on a new type of work visa for Nigerians aged 40 to 55 in the United States of America.

The US Embassy dissociated itself from the new type of work visa allegedly announced by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

According to the Embassy, the purported press statements backing the Visa for Nigerians who can work as health workers, engineers, marine workers, and accountants are scams.

It further stated that the US President, Joe Biden, did not sign an Executive Order term for American Work E-Visa and Residence Permit.

Visa For Nigerians

Earlier, there are reports that the Executive Order signed by President Biden allows 25,000 Nigerians to apply for the Visa with a deposit of $150 per person as part of the conditions for visa approval.

The report added that applicants are to deposit $250 for an English proficiency test. Meanwhile, the US Embassy described it as a scam and warned people not to fall victim to it.

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