Lady Allegedly Denied Visa Over 2017 Tweet

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  • Lady denied visa over tweet

What seemed like a harmless tweet years ago has allegedly cost a Nigerian lady an opportunity of a lifetime in some books. This was shared on Twitter by a medic as a lady allegedly denied visa over her tweet.

A Twitter user with the handle @drpenking shared a story about his colleague who was denied a visa to study in Australia over homophobic tweets in 2017. the Doctor warned people who intend travelling abroad to be careful of what they put out to the public because his colleague, who is a medical doctor, was denied an Australian visa to go for a scholarship abroad over her homophobic tweets.

According to the doctor, his friends has been working on this Masters scholarship for about three years and just when she got it, she was denied access to the country for her 2017 tweets.

Nigerian Lady allegedly denied visa over tweet

The tweets in questions were not expressly hateful but she made a thread telling people the dangers of homosexuality and why they should not indulge. The officers at the embassy dug these out and deemed them homophobic hence the visa denial. He tweeted;

Lady Allegedly Denied Visa Over 2017 Tweet 1

If you have Japa plans be mindful of what you tweet o. Today, they denied my Doctor friend VISA to Australia for a scholarship she won for Masters in Public Health because of a thread she made about Homosexuality 3 years ago (August 23, 2017). They said she is homophobic. Christ!


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