Vee Knocks Bleaching Cream Company, Rejects Deals

BBNaija 2020 former housemate, Vee, seems to have rejected a deal from a cosmetic company. She was on rampage in her recent tweets as she fumed.

She dropped hints about how she can not do things that are against her believe to make money. Vee stressed that her brand is important to her than making money.

“Call me stubborn, but you can’t convince me to do something I don’t believe in or something that doesn’t represent my brand because “that’s how things are done in this country”

The reason for her anger was clearer when she made another tweet about not taking a bleaching product deal. The BBNaija former housemate added that she cannot take some deals because of her fans and followers.

“I have too many young girls following me to be the face of any skin bleaching products. I’m a size 10, so why would I be representing slimming products?”

She added that though rejecting these deals might slow her down, she would rather rely on God for sustainance.

“I refuse to be a cliche. And if it takes me a little longer to get to where I wanna be, then so help me God. For the last time; Longevity > bragging rights”

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